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Hello... My name is Kirk.

Unreal and its many mods are still my deathmatch style games of choice. I started to fork around in the innards of Unreal ages ago, because modding is fun (been modding Total Annihilation, Uru, Supreme Commander... even Quake in a dark grey past XD). My track record of mods isn't really impressive, it basically amounts to some random mapstuff and mutators, and a server actor hack for U2XMP. I do have years of Java experience, general programming experience and more uninteresting stuff like that.

So, uh, hi :)

This wiki is awesome.


  • XMPLiveBot/XMPLoveBot
    • Hack of XMPReporter that allowed people in IRC to talk back into the game.
  • Fruitcake
    • Never got anywhere. The idea was funny but I'm not a fully equipped modeler. Specifically, UV unwrapping and texture painting. Meh :P
  • Random Assault Racing map :P

Contact Information


Site: (not a warez site...)


ICQ: 71235033

AIM: YunaRaider


MythOpus: Welcome to The Wiki :D

Kirk: Thanks :D

Tarquin: Hi. What's the screenshot of the apple model for?

Kirk: It's a little project I'm working on. Mostly it's learning to mod.