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Legacy:Level Properties

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This window looks exactly like the Actor Properties window, and holds properties for the level as a whole. Open it in one of the following ways:

It's in fact the properties for an actor of the class LevelInfo, which added automatically but UnrealEd to a new map, but made invisible. AFAIK, the only property group that's relevant is LevelInfo.

The Audio section is also useful for adding music to a level - Birelli


Note: LevelInfo covers this in more depth. I suggest we keep on this page just the essentials that pammers will need. Tarquin
Yeah. LevelInfo is the page for docers.  ;-) —Mychaeel

Stuff for the UT browser[edit]

Name of the map.
Who built it.
Ideal number of players for this level, as a string, eg "6-8"
Texture Screenshot 
A preview of the map. (see Level Screenshot)



Gametype you want to have your map played with in the format "Package.ClassName" e.g. xGame.xCTFGame for CTF maps. This is essential for a number of gametypes to work correctly. Valid values are found in the Actor browser under GameInfo (UT). Here's a list of the built-ins:

  • DM : XGame.xDeathMatch
  • TDM : XGame.xTeamgame
  • CTF : XGame.xCTFGame
  • vCTF : XGame.xVehicleCTFGame
  • BR : XGame.xBombingRun
  • DOM : XGame.xDoubleDom
  • ONS : Onslaught.ONSOnslaughtGame
  • AS : UT2k4Assault.ASGameInfo

Surrogate ZoneInfo[edit]

LevelInfo can set properties for any zones that don't have their own ZoneInfo actor.



Category:Legacy To Do:

  • Add all properties relevant for mappers (with explanation).

Tarquin: I've made myself a textPad macro which takes a block of "var()" lines and turns them into a block of wiki ";:". I'll run LevelInfo's script through it next time I have UEd open. (which reminds me... UnDox Revisited...)

Tarquin: Doh. all the props are on LevelInfo.

Mychaeel: I know, but if that's sufficient then this page is obsolete and we should delete it. Or LevelInfo should remain the reference for docers (see above) and this page should get a bit more comprehensive for mappers' needs.