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Lost Secrets of Na Pali (short: LSoNP) was a huge UT99 Total Conversion that contained everything new to UT: new models, high-res textures, new technoligies (bloom, distance fog, particle system, physic engine), rpg style gaming, non-linear gameplay, own exe, own menu, own hud, own loadscreens....

Mod-Name Lost Secrets of Na Pali (or LSoNP)
Game UnrealTournament v436
Genres First Person Shooter, Adventure, RPG, Space Simulator
Theme Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Apocalyptic, Horror
Players Singleplayer, Multiplayer/Coop
New Sounds yes
New Music yes
New Textures yes, too many..
New Maps yes, too many
New Code oh.. ur yes
State Cancelled at 20 % Main Progress
Team-Leaders/PR Shadow (Leader/Level-Designer/C++/UScript), Chaoz (Co-Leader/PR), moonangel (Head Coder), Creavion (Head Level-Designer), RapToR (PR/Webdesign/UScript)
Team-Mappers Creavion (Head Level-Designer), milb, shaman, MartinW, DaDrache, TH3D00M
Team-Coders moonangel (Head Coder), CWF (C++/UScript), Platy (C++), Wolf (UScript), eGo (UScript)
Team-Designers Apocalypse (Models/Animations/Skins), Pandemonium (Textures/Concept Art), Somian (Textures/Sounds), aHOI (Textures), JWH (Musics), aHOI (Textures), Dave Lewis (Models/Skins/Animations)
Team-Additionals Gabraham (HP Help), m4nk (HP/FTP Help), gh0st (Beta-Testing)

The Teamlist consists of all members ever joined the team or later left the team anyway.


Around 200 years are gone since the Queen is dead. A lot of things happened. Na Pali was conquered by Earth Forces, the Mercenaries operate far more open and the Skaarj Empire has been to quite for the last decades... Well since a few years the UMS sets up big bases and outposts on Na Pali and support the Nali with technology and weapons. The Skaarj Empire is forced to find any way to finally beat mankind back, first back from Na Pali, and get control back of control of Na Pali. Over some decades they developed a way to grow Pupae half biologically half synthetically. Through this abnormal progress they are able to grow mutated Skaarjs with extraordinary Gen-Pool. These special Skaarjs are "produced" only for one reason: to destroy Mankind and the Nalis in using two ways: Invading on the one hand the Earth AND Na Pali with the new Skaarj-Mutants and on the other hand... in a different time. The Empire developed during many years of researching a Time-Vortex-Machine that causes a controlled black-hole with enough anti-matter to transform gravity and therefor a Time Portal.

First simulations with the Vortex were successful. Not much time passed until the Skaarj were using the Vortex in real space. They send a small fleet somewhere near (a few lightyears away) Na Pali. The vortex seemed to work... but suddenly the forming of the black-hole got out of control. A Time-Anomaly was forming and the fleet was destroyed. Both, the UMS(now you do come into game, you're a Major of the UMS on an Earth Force Ship) and the Skaarjs are sending control troops to the accidental place. Such a huge visible anomaly and the wrecks won't be unseen for long time. When the ships were arriving the Skaarj Ship starts to attack the UMS ship immediately... suddenly the the Anomaly seemed to colapse... but a strange kind of starship appears using unknown technology and weapons ... The ship is about to attack both ships instantly. You and one you soldier escape from your ship flying down to Na Pali. You see your ship exploding... After crashing into a forest you continue your journey by searching the closest UMS Outpost. On you short way through some villages you read about a prophecy called "The End of Everything" in an old Nali book. Is there a connection between the anomaly and the prophecy ? The Skaarj wont spend much time until they come back with a fleet to get at least Na Pali. But they're more open questions, why did the Vortex got out of control ? What role does the unknown species play ? Why is the UMS Coop. so interested in Na Pali ? What is your role in the plot ? How does Na Pali look now, 200 years after the events of UNREAL...



  • interacting, tradig and speaking with NPCs
  • Levels are non-linear
  • Vehicles
  • traveling between Sun-Systems and Planets, (currently) featured Planets/Locations:
    • Earth
    • Skaarj Homeworld
    • Krall Homeworld
    • Drakk Homeworld
    • Mars
    • Na Pali...
  • around 15-20 old and new weapons, which can be combined and upgraded
  • around 20 different (and new!) races and planets
  • epic cut scences and starship battles from fantasy to sci-fi, also beautiful space cutscence like intros for planets or other locations
  • skill system
  • completely new hud
  • several new pick ups (mana, biomods, weapon upgrades)


  • Lensflare support
  • Dynamic Coronas
  • Software Bloom
  • Trees and Foliage
  • partial Physic Engine
  • huge Util Class partially worked out together with Moon Angel to provide many useful and complex Uscript functions (drawing lensflares for example or footstep sounds)
  • HighRes Textures up to 4096x4096 Pixels (S3TC)
  • Footstep Sounds and Material Relative Events
  • Level Memory System
  • MP3/Ogg Support
  • Dolby Digital Support using OpenAL
  • better Terrain
  • own complex Particle System
  • Skin Illumination (Shiny/Reflecting Meshes, Detail Maps on Meshes, bright glowing Eyes etc.)
  • Distance Fog
  • Projectors
  • Bloom and Blur Effects


..need to add some pics here..


There have never been any Game-Downloads for it except some Resource-Downloads like Sounds, Music

or Trailers...


Official ModDB Profile

Official Website

Future Plans[edit]

Currently only UNREAL: Phoenix Rising and the UnrealTournament Extension Pack are partially using content and features of LSoNP. It might be that it'll be continued in developing when I move to UnrealEngine 3 but that's completely utopic... :rolleyes: