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Bob_The_Beheader I've gotten a pretty good start on this map, but any ideas would be helpful.


CTF-Sentinel has a layout similar to CTF-Face. Maybe a little more closed in.

There is a sentinel in the middle of the map that oversees a good portion of the no-man-land in the middle. Also in the middle is a domination point.

The sentinel belongs to the team that is in control of the domination point. In order to cap the flag, the carrier must run through the sentinel's line of fire. (of course we aren't talking about an over-the-top base defending sentinel, but a well-balanced one, like the ones that you have to destroy as one of the objectives in AS-Mothership. But in this case, the sentinel will be indestructible. Destroying it would take away the entire point of the map. Also of course the sentinel will not take the place of players trying to intercept the carrier. Control of the sentinel will be a secondary objective.

Coding Requirements:

  1. An embedded mutator that allows vehicles into standard CTF maps. Also, it replaces both team's CTFTeamAI with the one described in the Solutions section below.
  2. Of course a sentinel subclass:
    1. The sentinel should begin play on neither team, but attack both. (I'm putting it on team 2, but it should probably be higher)
    2. When the sentinel is not on a team, it's weapon effects shouldn't be colored red or blue. I'm thinking purple.
    3. The sentinel should always keep attacking flag carriers as the first priority when it sees multiple targets.


  • The bots can be made to not attack the sentinel by getting them to always think that it is on there team. This requires subclassing CTFTeamAI, and rewriting the onThisTeam(Pawn Other) function to return true if Other is a TeamSentinel. Otherwise, it acts normally.

Can I get Some advice?

  1. Should the sentinel be able to help defend the domination point?
  2. How much of the central area should be in the sentinel's line of fire?
  3. How far out of thier way should player have to go in order to get to the domination point?
  4. Should DOM point campers be able to easily leave the point and intercept enemy flag carriers?
  5. Should the flag carrier be able to access the domination point on their way home?
  6. How much of a secondary objective should controlling the sentinel be? should it be an absolute requirement for capping? Or should flag carriers be able to run the gauntlet even if the enemy controls the sentinel (simply with more difficulty)
  7. How can I set up priorities for the bots so that there is a balance between defending the domination point and trying to cap the flag? Currently, all the bots want to camp the DOM point. I cant for the life of me make them realize that the flag should be thier primary goal.