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Hooray. About damn time I got my aught onto the Wiki. Hi guys!

MarZer's random stuff[edit]


I'm MarZer. I began mapping when I was about 12 years old with Quake II (I'm 17 now), and have since been playing with various forms of modding. I'm mostly a mapper but have recently dipped my toes into that great big puddle that is unrealscripting. I'm the creator of DWeather for UT2004, which is a mapper's utility that allows them to add dynamically-controlled weather and environmental effects to their maps. I will eventually put something on here about it, but for now I have homework to do :(

My Creations[edit]

DWeather for UT2004

AS-MZ-HighRise, ONS-MZ-ViperLake, ONS-MZ-RaptorSkies


Currently the only real project I have going is DWeather. It is an on-going thing that is proving to be a valuable learning experience (this is the first thing I have EVER coded :P). I am also a part of LeoPawnz' Invasion Bonus Pack 2004, but I am not mapping for it at the moment because my contribution to it IS DWeather. I am always looking for the odd bit of help here and there with DWeather (particularly with netcode!) so if any of you skilled coders want to lend a hand dont hesitate to speak up!

The biggest target on my list is getting all the various DWeather actors linked together in some sort of system. At the moment the only things that are linked to some degree are the lightning and the lightning target actors. The eventual plan is to have just one actor you place (or maybe multiples of the same master actor) that would have a heap of settings like the environment type, weather system type, time of day, length of day, wind direction etc and every thing would be dynamically generated off of that. So, with one of these 'Weather Controllers' in a map, you could set it to be stormy and it would spawn some clouds. The clouds would roughly follow the wind direction and speed. If a few clouds came in close proximity with each other, they would darken and eventually they would thunder and shortly after produce lightning. The lightning would cause some fires where it struck. Wether or not it rains would be up to chance, and if it does those fires will be put out by the rain. The rain would stop... something else random would happen... ad infinitum. Sounds tricky doesn't it?

11/09/04: DWeather now has a meteor spawner that spawns meteors that fall at random angles, at random intervals.

Sitting around the campfire...[edit]

I have a whole bunch of really useful custom actors for mappers to use that don't in any way pertain to DWeather. I am thinking of renaming it to Mapper's Tools or something and putting them all in there. Some of these include an enhanced assault roundend trigger that fires off an event when the round is finished, useful for taking care of something that needs doing right at the end of the round. There are a whole bunch of others too. What do you think?

GRAFIK: Most likely you have 100% wide edit area turned on in your Preferences. Or does "Damn this text input box thinger is buggy :S" refer to another problem?

MarZer: Ahhhh. Nice. Yes, that was the problem. The input box would be the width of the window but as soon as I edited the contents in some way the border of it would shoot out of the screen. Fixed now, cheers. */me Wiki n00b*