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Message placeholders are special escape codes that insert data from the game into strings. The most common example of these is the death messages, that say, for example:

The Great Zaganza got ripped into tiny pieces by Hortense.

Of course, the Unreal Engine doesn't store that string, since it doesn't know the players will be called "The Great Zaganza" and "Hortense". It stores the string

%o got ripped into tiny pieces by %k

The %o and %k are placeholders, and when the string is used, they will be replaced with meaningful content: in this case, the names of players.

Death Messages in UT

These can be used in the DeathMessage variable in the Weapon (UT) class and as SpecialDamageString of the GameInfo (UT) when using 'SpecialDamage' as damage type.

Placeholder Description
%k Killer's name
%w Weapon the killer was holding while the other player died.
%o Victim's name

Each placeholder may only appear once.


Custom death messages for SpecialEvent only work in the KillInstigator InitialState. Set DamageType to 'SpecialDamage'.

Only %o is parsed but %k must be included for it to work, it will be removed with no replacement.


Set DamageType to 'SpecialDamage'. %k must be included, otherwise the death message will be blank in the game.

They DO work without %o, but it doesn't look nice. -GeniusDex

Zones using death messages

The noted types of ZoneInfos are only examples, as far as i know every ZoneInfo can be killing. -GeniusDex

Please add other triggers and zones that use death messages.

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Placeholders in UT2003

In UT2003 only the placeholders %k (killer) and %o (victim) are used in death messages.

However, there are several placeholders usable in TeamSay messages. They only work in team games and only with the TeamSay, not the Say command. The placeholders are not case-sensitive.

Placeholder Description
%A amount of adrenaline ("xx Adrenaline")
%H amount of health ("xx Health")
%L current location (near game objectives or "pickups with inventory items on a pickup base", i.e. usually weapons, but not health, shield or double damage)
%S amount of shield ("xx Shield")
%W currently selected weapon
%% the "%" character (used e.g. as "%%w" to display "%w" instead of the weapon name)

With the TTM 2003 mod there are also "%P" and "%G" ("pickups" and "guns") to display nearby (non-)weapon pickups. Mods can add their own variables from their Mutator, GameInfo and/or Controller classes via the ParseChatPercVar() function.

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