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From UT2003; Build 2225

class MinigunAmmoPickup extends UTAmmoPickup;  // This class inherits properties from UTAmmoPickup.
    InventoryType=class'MinigunAmmo'                          // This links the class to the MinigunAmmo class.
    PickupMessage="You picked up 50 bullets."                 // ...You've actually played the game right? :D
    PickupSound=Sound'PickupSounds.MinigunAmmoPickup'         // The sound you hear when you pickup the ammo pack.
    PickupForce="MinigunAmmoPickup"  // jdf
    AmmoAmount=50                                             // How many bullets are in each ammo pickup pack.
    CollisionHeight=12.750000                                 // Sets a collision value.
    StaticMesh=StaticMesh'WeaponStaticMesh.MinigunAmmoPickup' // Which static mesh the game will use for the ammo pack.
    DrawType=DT_StaticMesh                                    // If you're using a static mesh,
                                                              // you have to tell the engine.

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