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Mod Idea for UT2004 - Flesh


I am making this game for fun. I plan to take over 1 year to get a fully complete version done, meaning all class and core features are implemented. I can do this all by myself but help will be appreciated in scripting.

Here is the style I will be using and yes they are mine.

<img src="http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/1323/demoncompleteunrealzp4.png" border="0" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us"/>

From here on is just my doc... Please comment and give advice or ask questions. I now have internet connection :).


Demons 300HP Demons lurk around in the dark and can manifest into physical form from shadows, when they are mad they can be very fast.
Huge demons 500HP See 'Demons'.
Fiends 500HP Fiends are like gods or demi gods.
Huge Fiends 900HP See 'Fiends'.
Spirits 500HP Opaqe beings, a form of life or energy.
Zombies 200HP Things that died recently and brought back to life by dark forces.
Ghouls 200HP Creatures that died in a situation that obstructed the proper way of dieing and are lost and stuck in a unseen realm.
Huge Ghouls 300hp See 'Ghouls'.
Humans 100HP Beings that are pitiful and ignorant X).
Soilders 100HP Most ignorant form of human ;\.
Vagabonds 100HP Lone wanderer.
Rebels 100HP One or many people going against the system.
Wanderers 100HP one or many people with no home.
Bandits 100HP One or many people who steal from others.
A respected lone wanderer.
Shamans 100HP Ancient art develope to protect humans from unseen unknown forces.
Lions 300HP Animal found mostly in Africa.
Bears 200HP Animal found near woods.
Large bears 300HP See 'Bears'.
Dogs 100HP Animal found in citys 'man's best friend'.
Cats 50HP Animal found in citys.
Rats 50HP Animal found in city sewers and anywhere.
Birds 30HP Animal found anywhere there is life or food, they are mostly found in trees and the sky where they roam.
Mouse 30HP Animal found near human homes.

Controlling The Fighter[edit]

R1 LOCK-ON Lock on to target, hold JUMP to sway in any desire direction (counter by attacking right after they attack), hold JUMP and INTERACT to roll out of the way, hold INTERACT to block (deflect by interacting apon contact, by deflecting you slow them down 2x for 1 sec)
L1+down SPECIAL ABILITY Press down while holding down L1 to select different ability catagorys and press right to select ability
L1+R1 CAMERA CHANGE Switch between 3rd person or first person or dream view
L1+square THROW Throw things
L1+triangle PICK UP Pick up for 'hand' use or 'bag' storage
L2 SWITCH RANGE Choose different range weapon
R2 SWITCH MELEE Choose different melee weapon
square RANGE ATTACK Attack with range weapon
triangle MELEE ATTACK Attack with melee, hold on to any attack to add 20HP damage, the attack will charge and take 2x longer to execute - no SFX
circle INTERACT Open doors, talk, grab on edges, investigate/activate
x JUMP Jump up to 3 or 5 feet, rocketjet from walls, jump on wall to reach higher places, backflips and combinations
Select SELECT MODE Change controller mode

Damage Effect[edit]

  • There are vital organs for target - brain, heart, jaw, private, liver, thigh, chest, and the nonvital parts.
  • The first and third chance of Damage Effect is 10% each.

brain and heart shots - 50/200/300HP

jaw shots - 30/100/200HP

private and liver shots - 50/100/200HP

thigh and chest - 30/50/90HP

nonvital parts - 20/30/50HP



Realistic gameplay No double jumping, no running 35mph, no fake moves/movement that defy human physics.
Realtime gameplay Inventory/option access, magic and summoning, fighting, interaction, choose weapon in realtime.
Camera view First person camera will be right on player character's 2 eyes. third person and dream view can all be changed anytime during gameplay.
LOCK-ON mode In first person camera it turns into zoom mode, you cant sprint.
Multiple controller mode One for fighting, one for interacting, and one for driving.
Hit walls Be careful of your surroundings, with barehands you will bleed and lose health, with weapons you will lose weapon quality.
Limbs all over Cut and blow limbs apart.

Interaction and Features[edit]

  • pick up limited bags to carry extra items
  • real world interaction - climb, collusion, interact, and move just about anything, pick up, throw
  • real world destruction - destroy just about anything
  • special ability - spit, throw up, refuse, accept, good, bad
  • store items anywhere - engine will remember where everything is and what stat it had. this data will be stored on HD or memory card
  • equip unequip everything
  • all traveling possibility, cars, bike, motocycle, helicopter, small plane, jet... horsy too


blacksmith - lets you restore nongun weapons and enchance your weapon

carsmith - lets you restore cars and enchance your car

gunsmith - lets you restore guns and create ammo and enchance either


MythOpus: Could you please format this page up and possibly resize the pictures just a bit?

fleshsniper1 I dont know the syntax/code for wikis, and i dont have internet access to learn it with my limited time. But in time i will fix it peace by peace. I just wanted to get it up for advice and comments. And i resized the picture smaller :) And i even tried to reformat it the best i can.

MythOpus: I took the time to format the best I can. Please read over it to make sure everything is in good order, especially the 'Guns' heading. When you have the time, I strongly suggest reading over Wiki Markup as it shows you how to do things with the syntax and what not. I was looking over your keys and realized they were for game controllers. Will this mod be only available for PC users who have game controllers? Please give more details :)

fleshsniper1 X) Amazing! I was breathless to come back and find this great edit. Thanks so much MythOpus i will remember this great deed of yours :) No you dont need a controller, i just have a habit of using the PXS controller for layout. It will be for the keyboards too.