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Mod ideas for UT2003 – Jedi (by "The Twiggman")


You cant have the new unreal engine without a light saber mod. But I've got Ideas and It aint just no replacing the melee weapon anymore. Were talking star wars in your face action. BTW I got this idea from just watching starwars.


  • Should be like a role playing game style where you can upgrade your speed, jump height, attack power as you destroy others.
  • You light saber should be your primary weapon and should have various different attacks like a slash, stab, spin attack etc.
  • All other weapons are taken over with force powers which you gain as you kill the other most dominant player.
  • There should also be a teamplay variation where it's like the good guys vs. the bad dark force guys.
  • Maybe there can even be different sabers like the double light saber on one hand thing depending on your amount of kills.

Interested Scripters

If you are interested in developing this mod for UT2003 then add your name to the list. Once you start development you should indicate that below (and hopefully include a link to a journal page). Before you start development you should also check this section to see if anyone else has started.


Mychaeel: Saber fighting in Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast is awesome. Anything short of that will probably be a bit disappointing to users...

EntropicLqd: Nice to see someone else dropping a new idea in here. Might be time to rename the page from EntropicMods to something else (maybe LightbulbBox) - just to emphasise the lack of ownership of the ideas described. I always found the Sabre fighting in Jedi Knight a little random - they really should have disassociated the movement from the attacks. It was good fun though :)

DJPaul: LucasArts be litigious - if any one tries this, be sure to ask them first.

Jb: Slighlty of topic. Forgive me. I was never happy with our SA (Sword Arena for CUT) mode. I think this would be perfect fit for UT2003. My idea was to do something very simular to the Jedi Night'S Duel mode. Chaos already has a big long bastard sword so I wanted to use that. I wanted to make a new verison of SA that pits people one-on-one with our bastard swords, kind of a RA with only swords and only one arean (AKA like the duel mode of Jedi Knight). Maybe give the sword power ups (flame, lightning, vampaire, ect)....

Vajuras: The GODZ Team threw around the idea of implementing sword fighting. I don't think we're going to be supporting the feature because of the level of committment it would take animators, etc to fully implement this. Anyway, it would be kewl to see someone do this sort of mod.