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This journal will be a record of my struggles and successes in developing my UT2003 mod, Operation: Homeworld, as well as my big project, Fate of Terra Nova, which is a total conversion for Halflife. Please don't edit anything here but feel free to post comments and tell me if there are any spelling mistakes.

Operation: Homeworld[edit]

May 19, 2003[edit]

For my first entry, I will describe what I'd like to see in this mod. Op-Homeworld is a total conversion that has 3 teams battling against eachother. Now there are a couple mods out that that have this same idea, such as the Riftwar mod. In my efforts to design this project, I have tried to find other mods that may be the same and move away from any familiarities. I know that's important in trying to get interest for it.

So, there are 3 teams fighting for control of Earth. You have the resident humans. The humans are not going to look like the ones in UT2003. I hope to have new models made. Rather, they will look like modern military soldiers, like those that went to all those desert campaigns. They will have camo shirts and pants with a flak vest. The camo may be different depending on the map that is played, so that the players can take advantage of camoflauging themselves )if they're smart). Human weaponry will be modern day weapons such as the FN P90 and several of the FN pistols. However, there will also be certain superscience weaponry available, such as EMP weapons.

Well, as the story goes, the humans created an AI controlled entity, which for now we are called robots. These robots turned against the humans because their AI got to smart. The 'bots look more like those in the Terminator movies then the models that come with UT2003. They won't have very many weapons and won't be able to pick up weapons. All of their weapons are going to be attached to their bodies. They will have special seeing modes, perhaps something like heat vision like the predators do on AvP. Each 'bot comes with a melee weapon attached to 1 arm. They will be slow moving but very hard for the humans to destroy (unless they use EMP weaponry)

The aliens are only called aliens because they don't come from Earth. The aliens idea is overused, I know, but our aliens are different. Think Tyranids from warhammer but more spider like. Many appendages, like 4 legs and 4 arms. Weapons are also attached to their bodies. Their melee weapons are their bodies. All of their weapons are going to be bio-based weaponry. Examples include acid spit, spore guns, and larvae guns.

Each race will be able aquire weapons that work more effectively against each other race: Humans have the flamethrower for the aliens and the EMP for the 'bots. Aliens have the larva gun for the humans and acid spit for the 'bots. 'Bots have a melee weapon that is good for both Humans and Aliens.

The naming conventions we have used are only temporary. As we progress into our design phase, we will come up with new names for the aliens and the robots.