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MY Rants![edit]

This page is where my rants will be. Most likely about my life, campers, cheaters, and the general idiot who always tends to find you when you playing a joyful game :) (CONTENT TO BE ADDED)

Rant # 1[edit]

I don't know if it's just me, but it seems that lately people in the gaming comunity ( I say Gaming comunity becasue I haven't noticed behaviour like this offline ;) ) people have become, lazy, imature, ignorant and full of disrespect. I don't know why this is, nor do I care for the reason. All I care about is trying to change it. Here is an example, from the Atari Forum.

<Person 1>: I am having trouble with my secondary fire mode. I have tried everthing to make it work but I just can't seem to get it to compile.

<Person 2>: Person 1, you should consider finding some documentation oon the subject of UScript or get ahole of the source code of whatever game your making the secondary fire for. If you still can't figure out the problem, post the code that is giving you a hard time.

<Person 1>: Do you have any f****** Idea who I am? I have worked for years with the code from Deus Ex! Do you know how f***** hard it is to work with? Documentation is so hard to find!

I have lost the actual link to the actal thread so this isn't exactly what was posted. " Person 1 " first posted the question in a way that said " Hi. I'm a newbie. Please help." I would have responded in close resemblance to how " Person 2 " replied. Person 2 was trying to help Person 1 by giving him suggestions on how to solve his problem on his own. Why would someone blow up on someone who is trying to help like that?

Here is another example:

<Player 1>: How do you guys shoot so good. Headshots everywhere!

<Player 2>: OMG you newbie! STFU!

An innocent question from a new player followed by a response from an experienced player. So what if Player 1 is a newbie? Why do you have to put him down? Weren't we all newbie's at one time in our lives? First time playing a game. First time programming. Instead of helping out Player 1 out, people just yell, swear and critisize him. IMO, that's the stupidest thing that you can ever do. A little known fact: Helping people is a GOOD thing. Why not teach him that in counter-strike, you shouldn't " Spray and Pray " as most call it, but you should fire in spurts. In UT2003, tell them to practice a lot with their favorite weapon. It's not that hard to go out of your way to help someone.

GRAF1K: Yo Myth Man. Long time no see. :)

It seems everyone everywhere agrees whith what you're saying. As soon as you join an online game, or look at a non-let's-all-debate-why-everyone's-a-jerk thread though, the reality sets in. Where have all the sensible people gone? Still debating this problem on BuF? :D

Really though, everyone debates this and no one actually looks for a solution. So here's your solution: Live by what you just said, and encourage others to follow. Don't rant about it in forums, tell people ingame. I'm not saying it'll work miracles, but in my experience it calms stuff down.

MythOpus: I have been looking for a miracle for some time now. I haven't found it :( And yes, long time no see! How is Laser War doing?

GRAF1K: LaserWar is completely different. :)

I'm using most weapons now instead of modified shock rifle, cause it's not a "conventional" laser tag, more futuristic. Weapons like the Flak I've modified the projectiles of to be mini eletric laser balls, etc. My goal in LaserWar was never to alter gameplay, but to make UT2003 non-violent and fun-and-happy-like. :cheesy:

When depowered I've got that uber-1337 (:rolleyes:) effect-spawning thingy in place (remember, the thing we couldn't figure out but Foxpaw showed us ;)), as well as spawning a large battery that serves as 10+ health and points.

So in other words, coming along nicely. :)