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Coding Diary[edit]

June 20th, 21.00 CET[edit]

Holy <insert favored deity here> ..

I am so busy these days that it's downright frightening. Being double-booked is an every-day occurrence to me now.

Hopefully I'll be back in the swing of trying to grasp the most basic of Uscript concepts soon.

June 13th, 07.30 CET[edit]

I'm finding it hard to edit pages with my limited knowledge, i.e. it's not hard to edit them, it's editing the right information that's the problem.. guess that's what you get for letting the patients run the asylum :)

Until someone tells me to please stop, I'll keep trying though.

As for coding... well, haven't had much time for that and I don't know if I will today. I was thinking of making a mutator which gave the player instagib for the duration. Don't know how valuable and/or interesting it is to play with, but I need to work on some skills regarding arrays and lists, and this might be simple enough that I can get it to work

June 12th, noon CET[edit]

Just started on this massive venture called Wiki.. I hope I'll be able to add to the site and the knowledge base here.. in time :)

For now, all I'm doing is getting a feel for it, but I'll try to write up something along the lines of a tutorial when I have something to write about.

Wormbo: Erm, shouldn't this page be called NetSapiens/Coding Diary?

NetSapiens: Fixed. By the way.. is it proper to delete both of these comments now that they're no longer valid? I would assume so, but we all know what assumptions do. :)

Wormbo: Only an admin can "fix" the page name by renaming the page itself.

NetSapiens: oh yeah, I see what I did now... my bad... ok, well if an admin would like to remove the Blog part of the above, as well as on my personal page, that would be grand... told you I'd break something :)

Tarquin: Done :)