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UT2004 :: Actor >> Emitter >> NetworkEmitter (Package: UnrealGame)

(This actor is new in UT2004)

A NetworkEmitter is an Emitter which, unlike normal Emitters, also exists on the server and can be triggered by server events. This functionality is basically equivalent to using a NetworkTrigger to trigger a normal Emitter, but in one convenient package.

Unlike NetworkTrigger, a NetworkEmitter will only trigger its own ParticleEmitters when it receives a server event. It will not trigger an Events->Event on the client side (so you can't use a NetworkEmitter to trigger other client-side actors).


This actor implements the same basic functionality as an Emitter. For more information see Emitter.


This actor implements the same methods as NetworkTrigger to replicate server events to actions on the client. For more information see NetworkTrigger.

Known Subclasses[edit]