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Welcome! The names niaht. ;) It's nice ta meet'cha.


You can e-mail me at logicf@speakeasy.net. I can sometimes be found on OPN as well.

niaht what?

Nigh as in "Night", at. Nigh-at. niaht. Of course, I desire no restrictions on artistic license. *gryn*

Does it have a definition? Not that I know of, although it seems to be a VERY common word in the english language.

Why is niaht here?

If I build it they will come? :)

UnrealED has presented a unique way to interface with the 3d world that is desireable to me. I see the Unreal engine as something that has potential far beyond the amazing depth of use it has already seen, and I beleive that the flexability and overall design gives it an edge over the rest. Even with the breathtaking work that has been done for Unreal 2003 it may not be the absolute best in every way, but more importantly IMHO it will be the work that is the basis for the majority of future work done in the field. Live 3d rendering of a malable environment in real-time has important implications and uses in our world which I think will require the type of traits that Unreal has embodied. Many more technologies and capabilities will be added to the Unreal engine over the next years, and the possibilities already seem endless.

I have dabbled in the 3d arts for many years and I enjoy most of the work involved. I like working with AutoCAD and 3D Studio and enjoy building textures from real world objects. My background is highly technical in general, and I have spent the majority of my 26 years working with computers and software of one type or another. I currently work as an Engineer in a two man team that runs the computer systems of Marmot Mountain, my current employer and high performance outdoor equipment manufacturer. It's a pretty big job for two guys, but we work hard, and that is probably the main reason why I am here. As I have said I really enjoy working with the type of material the Unreal Engine will expose me to, and that I see a great future for UT, so with these things in mind I embark upon an expedition to learn and have fun, and hopefully make it a skill I can leverage in the future to keep me gainfully employed while contributing to our world in a benificial way.

All aside, I'm here to have some fun, and get some work done that I will enjoy.


06/02/02 - I've made a few mental revisions of my organization here and I think I've finalized it. All normal pages will go under this one unless they are a link page in a location like Category:Legacy Journal. That makes it simple as long as I don't forget about ones I've made!!!

I added a Wiki ChangeLog to keep a record of changes I've made. I do this to keep track of what I have and have not yet done. If I don't do it I'll forget about things half way through doing them. I'll likely add a Wiki ToDo list as well at some point when Wiki Notes becomes unmanageable.
06/01/02 - Added a link bar on the top with some ideas on how I can organize documentation of my work here.

"Reality is nothing more than a collective hunch" - I forget

Guestbook - Stop on by, have a beer, and relax with a dose of frag.

Mychaeel: Welcome to the Wiki.  :-)

Tarquin: Impressive wumping on the sandbox. :) welcome aboard.

Niaht: Thanks to the both of you! I am glad to have found your Wiki and look forward to getting to know everyone.

BlAcK_PlAgUe22 Hee, wump is a funny word. :D Welcome. :)

Bean: heya there niaht, and welcome!!!!!!!!

Tarquin: subpages only go to one level. I suggest Developer Journals/Niaht (UnrealEd) or Developer Journals/Niaht UnrealEd as alternatives.

Niaht works for me. Thanks! :)