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UT2004 :: Actor >> Info >> ReplicationInfo >> SquadAI >> ONSSquadAI (Package: Onslaught)

Most of the code in this class is used for adding bot behaviors for handling vehicles.


bool bDefendingSquad 
Set if the Squads picked objective is controlled by its team (if the squad is defending).
float LastFailedNodeTeleportTime
float MaxObjectiveGetOutDist


BotEnteredVehicle (Bot B) 
Used to notify other squad members that the Bot B has a vehicle. Other bots may react by joining the bot in the vehicle, if possible.
bool CheckSpecialVehicleObjectives (Bot B) 
Attempts to determine if the current destination for the bot is appropriate. Alternatively calls SquadAI.CheckSpecialVehicleObjectives (Bot B) and returns false.
bool CheckSquadObjectives (Bot B)
bool CheckVehicle (Bot B) 
Determines if there is a vehicle for the bot to occupy.
bool FindPathToObjective (Bot B, Actor O) 
The indispensable function for move easily the bot to a actor. For a objective the bot use the alternate path.
float GetMaxObjectiveGetOutDist () 
Determines how close the bot needs to be to an objective before exiting a vehicle.
name GetOrders () 
Matches current variables (including from SquadAI) to a name literal. For example, if bFreelance is set, 'Freelance' is returned.
float MaxVehicleDist (Pawn P) 
If the squad is attacking or has no objective, 3000 is returned. Otherwise, returns the minimum of 3000 and the distance to the current objective. Used in determining if the Bot should get a vehicle.
MergeWith (SquadAI S)
float ModifyThreat (float current, Pawn NewThreat, bool bThreatVisible, Bot B)
bool MustKeepEnemy (Pawn E)
byte PriorityObjective (Bot B) 
Determines if the given bot should attack or defend the squad objective. This is based on the Bots enemies, proximity to the objective and importance of the objective (if the objective is the final core or if it is under attack).
Calls SquadAI.Reset() and disables the defense boolean.
SetDefenseScriptFor (Bot B) 
Finds an applicable UnrealScriptedSequence to tell the given Bot how to defend.
float VehicleDesireability (Vehicle V, Bot B) 
Returns a value indicating how useful this Vehicle is to the Bot.

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