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I'm somewhat of a Jack-of-All trades, master of absolutely none! I think I spread my talent too thin. I love anything 'tech', so my work often turns out SciFi~ish.

"Many people think I'm smart but I disagree. It's NOT that I'm smart, I just find obvious conclusions faster." :p odo324



A solid base understanding.
Visual C++
A solid basic understanding (only oop).
Visual Basic (v6)
Beginner - Did a ton of stuff in High School, but quit and moved to C++ as soon as I could!
Did a couple of pages a while back. Nothing now. Big fan of PhpBB.


Intermediate Modeling Skills (Most basic skills with Render Effects and Animation). You can view my work here @ 3DBuzz!
Paint Shop Pro
All-Around Intermediate (Much simpler UI then Photoshop!)
Adobe Audition
Solid Beginner :) (this was formally 'CoolEdit Pro').

My Work

Sorry, everything's unreleased. :p Not that its much of anything.

MAP - Dyson Sphere - Away Team Mission -4- DS9 The Fallen
My first unreal-engine level. Way back when, I made this away-mission level for my old Star Trek club. Think "Final Fantasy 7" meets "DS9" (and it worked quite well). Involved Triggered Lighting, Movers, and some tricky CSG modeling of Jenova. Wish I had 3DsMax back then!
USCRIPT - Double Door Closer -4- TheveryUT
My first attempt at scripting for unreal. At the time (beta 1.2?) mappers couldn't open/close double-doors simultaneously like you could in Thief2. Don't remember the exact problem, but I ended up coding it using a new trigger subClass. And it worked! Think I'd call it a 'scripted trigger' now.

In Development

MAP - WARfare
A map I've been planning since 1998.: Think "Hall of Giants meets "Ghost in the Shell" , much more tech-military style look to it. The back story is that, once the Landri Co. gained the old Sakarj arena "Hall of Giants", they completely refit the arena for war! I haven't asked permission from the original Hall of Giants creator, so the story will change if I don't get it. ...but that's the idea.
An Advanced Turret Actor
Damageable sections, damage distribution, hit modifications, shield abilities, interface Enhancements, UI Enhancements, and Gameplay Enhancements! Perhaps I'm being too ambitious (as usual). This very well could be used for new vehicle classes as well. As of this writing, its in pre-infant stages, setting up the variable declarations.


The kind-of stuff I contribute, organized by topic.

Vehicle Related

This is where I'm starting at. I want to make my own vehicles, but my knowledge with unreal vehicles is vary-much lacking. Documentation is scarce and that really pisses me off. In order to learn what I need, I'm attempting to dissect the classes and add my findings here.

  • ONSVehicle - Defines most variables! Still need to to the functions.
  • Vehicles - Nearly re-wrote the topic! Tons of Re-Factoring! I was still learning the WIKI, at this point. Thankfully, tarquin fixed my stupid mistakes. :) (Thank you tarquin!)

Pages Started:

  • The 3-page vehicle bundle, my first original contribute-tation to UnrealWiki. This was a pain to complete, I hope it goes well.


Your comments and discussions are welcome :)

  • Legacy:Odo324/Gaming_History: It's an Awkward Life
    "The games" I grew-up on and "how they've influenced my life". FYI: This is "Old-Skool" stuff, so DONT expect to find anything about Halo, Doom 3, or Half-Life!


EntropicLqd: Hi, Welcome to the Wiki. Enjoy your stay here.

Tarquin: Welcome :D

odo324: Thank you guys! It's truly a pleasure to contribute.

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odo324: Pff, no prob :tup:. I'll support any action that helps keep UnrealWiki running smoothly! I personally think the time/link ratio is quite good.