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Postal 2 :: Actor >> Inventory >> Ammunition >> P2AmmoInv (Package: Postal2Game)

Intermediate between the engine's Ammunition class and Postal 2's ammo types.



float AltDamageAmount 
How much this alt ammo takes away from something
float AltDamageAmountMP 
How much this alt ammo takes away from something
class<DamageType> AltDamageTypeInflicted 
What type of altdamage you take from the thing hit
float AltMomentumHitMag 
Momentum given from alt hit
int AmmoCountPerShot 
How much ammo I take with each shot
bool bInfinite 
If I have infinite ammo or not
bool bShowAmmoOnHud 
If we display our ammo on the hud. Most infinite things dont'
bool bShowMaxAmmoOnHud 
If you are to display the max ammo on the hud
float DamageAmount 
How much this ammo takes away from something
class<DamageType> DamageTypeInflicted 
What type of damage you take from the thing hit
float MomentumHitMag 
Momentum given from hit


function AddedToPawnInv(Pawn UsePawn, Controller UseCont)
simulated function bool HasAmmoFinished() 
Defaults to act like HasAmmo(). It's only called for some weapons, like the ShockerWeapon, because these weapons can recharge but we don't want to switch when we run out of this ammo.
simulated function bool HasAmmoStrict() 
Doesn't check ammo/weapon readiness, just checks if we have any ammo at all.
function float GetRandPitch() 
Randomness for the pitch.
function bool HurtingAttacker(FPSPawn Other) 
Used for NPCs to ensure that their melee weapons will only damage their attacker.
function UseAmmoForShot(optional float UseThisAmmo) 
Takes away some ammo.

Known Subclasses[edit]

+- ClipboardAmmoInv
+- CowHeadAmmoInv
+- GasCanBulletAmmoInv
+- GrenadeAmmoInv
+- InfiniteAmmoInv
|  +- BatonAmmoInv
|  +- FootAmmoInv
|  +- HandCuffsAmmoInv
|  +- HandsAmmoInv
|  +- MatchesAmmoInv
|  +- ShovelAmmoInv
+- LauncherAmmoInv
+- MachineGunBulletAmmoInv
+- MolotovAmmoInv
+- NapalmAmmoInv
+- PistolBulletAmmoInv
+- PlagueAmmoInv
+- RifleAmmoInv
+- ScissorsAmmoInv
+- ShockerAmmoInv
+- ShotGunBulletAmmoInv
+- UrethraAmmoInv
   +- GonorrheaAmmoInv