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In the properties of a Brush, under Brush -> PolyFlags you can give all surfaces of the brush default properties that override the Surface Flags (UT) in the Surface Properties window.

In PolyFlags you have to enter a number, what follows is a list of the meaning of all the numbers.

To give a brush two or more properties at the same time, you need to make the sum of the numbers of both properties. For example if you want a Translucent + TwoSided brush, you have to use the number 4 + 256 = 260.

After you entered the number you need to rebuild to see the change.

Here's the list:

Bit Value Name Description
0 Default Use settings from Surface Properties for each individual surface of the brush.
0 1 Invisible All surfaces of the brush are invisible
1 2 Masked Use for palettized textures to make the first color in the palette (in Paint Shop Pro at least) invisible, see Color Blending
2 4 Translucent Darker parts of the texture become transparent, see Color Blending
3 8 Non-solid brush
4 16 Force View Zone
5 32 Semi-solid brush
6 64 Modulated Greyer parts of the texture become transparent, see Color Blending
7 128 Fake Backdrop Parallax SkyBox visible through surface
8 256 Two Sided Surfaces display their texture from both sides
9 512 U-Pan Texture moves in U direction, change speed in ZoneInfo or LevelInfo -> ZoneLight
10 1024 V-Pan Texture moves in V direction, change speed in ZoneInfo or LevelInfo -> ZoneLight
11 2048 No Smooth Square pixels
12 4096 Special Poly Doesn't do a lot
13 8192 Small Wavy
14 16384
15 32768 Low Shadow Detail Reduces shadow detail; in conjunction with High Shadow Detail (below), makes extra low shadow detail
16 65536
17 131072
18 262144 Dirty Shadows
19 524288 Bright Corners No dark shadows at the edges of the surface
20 1048576 Special Lit Surface only gets light from Special Lit lights
21 2097152 No Bounds Reject
22 4194304 Unlit Surface ignores lighting and is full bright
23 8388608 High Shadow Detail Enhances shadow detail