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Legacy:Postal 2

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A controversial game in which you live a week as the Postal Dude and do everyday things such as getting a jug of milk, cashing your paycheck, and returning overdue library books. But how much crap can you take from people before you lose it and "go Postal"?

Official Website: www.gopostal.com

Version history

  • 1000: Original release
  • 1337: Single-player patch
  • 1407: Share The Pain (multiplayer)
  • 1408: Suicide bugfix update
  • 1409: Health pipe/bag cheat update, addition of "Red Light District" SNATCH map
  • 1410: Initial version of Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend.
  • 1411: Dude's peeing problem in 1410 fixed.

Engine notes

The engine for Postal 2 is kinda weird. It's like a combination of Unreal Tournament and UT2003. Most of the subsystems are build 2110, but a lot of the UnrealScript source was based on 927. A lot of merging was done, and some classes that most Unreal modders take for granted, such as Security and ClientScriptedTexture are absent from P2. Also, driveable vehicles are absent from the game – as explained by the Postal Dude, "All the cars in this town seem to be useless, exploding props."


Postal 2 Classes

Postal 2 Console Commands


Postal 2 GameTypes

  • DeathMatch
  • Team DeathMatch
  • SNATCH - Like CTF, except you capture Postal Babes, not Flags
  • Grab Bag

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