I don't need to test my programs. I have an error-correcting modem.


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Quilting Party! Yeeee haw!

No, i'm not joking. But I haven't decided whether I want to dedicate time to it and submit it as a non-FPS mod to MSU (would i even have a chance). This is a 4 player pattern placing/matching game with only three scrolling rows accessible at a time per player, as the rows are completed the player moves back until they reach the edge of the quilt. Players have 3 patterns/tiles available at a time. Points would be awarded based on pattern matching, speed, colors, etc. Different round types would include Clashing colors, Inward scrolling, Speed challenge, and Queen (where the other three players compete against one player with more patterns to choose from) , Sound would be some free bluegrass or country (i'm sure i could find some). Normal male player models would be used, and a few female hellions would walk in at the end (returning from work) and do the judging with some matinee effects.


Legal: I was trying to find a better way to express my feelings, but I think the best way is this after all: o_O

MythOpus: Should this be moved to Mod Ideas ?

Recondite Well i think it would be appealing to the jeff foxworthy tetris playing crowd. Erm, yes, does move involve delete and recreate?