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UT :: Actor (UT) >> ParticleSystem >> Force

This class is part of RParticles by Raven

There is diffrence between Force and ParticleAlter class. ParticleAlter affects ParticleEmitter when Force affects spawned particles which will touch it.

Group Force

bool bOn 
Is active or not.
EForceType ForceType 
How change particle velocity
float ParticleSpeed 
New particle speed.
float ParticleSpeedVariance 
New particle speed variance.
float SprayFactor 
float SprayFactorVariance 
spray vairance.
bool bRandomizeRotation 
uses random rotation instead of Force actor rotation.
bool bRandPitch 
random pitch
bool bRandYaw 
random yaw
bool bRandRoll 
randomed roll
rotator MinRotation 
min rotation
rotator MaxRotation 
max rotation
bool bForceRndRot 
forces RotRand() function



new force will be add to particle velocity
new force will multiply particle velocity
new force will replace particle velocity