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UT2004 :: Actor >> Triggers >> RandomTrigger (custom)

This Trigger will cause random Events from a dynamic list of event names.


This property is available to edit.

array<name> EventList 
A dynamic array of Events to trigger.

Source Code[edit]

// RandomTrigger
// Uses a random value to select from a dynamic array of Events when triggered.
// by SuperApe -- Sept 2005
class RandomTrigger extends Triggers
var()	array<name>	EventList;
event Trigger( Actor Other, Pawn EventInstigator )
	Event = EventList[ FRand() * EventList.length ];
	TriggerEvent( Event, Other, EventInstigator );
//     Texture=Texture'Engine.S_Trigger'

Note: If this actor is compiled inside Ued, edit the default property Display -> Texture manually as indicated in the comment at the bottom of the code using the "editdefault class=RandomTrigger" Ued console command. If you are Compiling with UCC, simply un-comment the defaultProperties block.

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