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UT2003 :: Actor >> Pawn >> RedeemerWarhead (Package: XWeapons)

This is the guided (player controlled) Redeemer pawn that is launched during AltFire of the Redeemer Weapon. While the player Pawn that fired the RedeemerWarhead is uncontrolled and prone, the Controller of that Pawn possesses this the RedeemerWarhead until it is blown up for one reason of another. At that time, the Controller returns to the original player Pawn. (A similar process to Possessing and UnPossessing a Vehicle in UT2004)


Camera Shakes[edit]

This properties are available to edit.

vector ShakeRotMag 
How far to rot view
vector ShakeRotRate 
How fast to rot view
float ShakeRotTime 
How much time to rot the instigator's view
vector ShakeOffsetMag 
Max view offset vertically
vector ShakeOffsetRate 
How fast to offset view vertically
float ShakeOffsetTime 
How much time to offset view


float Damage 
float DamageRadius 
float MomentumTransfer 
class<DamageType> MyDamageType 
Pawn OldPawn 
RedeemerTrail SmokeTrail 
float YawAccel 
float PitchAccel 
float VelocityToAltitudePanRate 
float MaxAltitudePanRate 
bool bStaticScreen 
bool bFireForce 
TeamInfo MyTeam 

Banking Related[edit]

shader InnerScopeShader 
shader OuterScopeShader 
shader OuterEdgeShader 
FinalBlend AltitudeFinalBlend 
float YawToBankingRatio 
float BankingResetRate 
float BankingToScopeRotationRatio 
int Banking 
int BankingVelocity 
int MaxBanking 
int BankingDamping 


Calls Died( None, class'DamageType', Location ) and OldPawn.Died(None, class'DamageType', OldPawn.Location).
TeamInfo GetTeam() 
If PlayerReplicationInfo != None, return PlayerReplicationInfo.Team. Otherwise return MyTeam.
Destroyed() (simulated) 
Calls RelinquishController(). If SmokeTrail != None, calls SmokeTrail.Destroy(). Calls Super.Destroyed().
bool IsPlayerPawn() (simulated) 
Returns false.
If Controller == None, return. Otherwise sets Controller.Pawn = None and if Controller.IsInState('GameEnded'), if OldPawn != None and OldPawn.Health > 0, call Controller.Possess(OldPawn), otherwise if OldPawn != None, set Controller.Pawn = OldPawn, otherwise set Controller.Pawn = self, set Controller.PawnDied(Controller.Pawn). Set RemoteRole = Default.RemoteRole, Instigator = OldPawn and Controller = None.
PostBeginPlay() (simulated) 
Sets Velocity = AirSpeed * Vector(Rotation) and Acceleration = Velocity. If Level.NetMode is a DedicatedServer, set SmokeTrail = Spawn(class'RedeemerTrail',self,,Location - 40 * Dir) and calls SmokeTrail.SetBase(self).
PostNetBeginPlay() (simulated) 
Calls Super.PostNetBeginPlay(). If PlayerController(Controller) != None, calls Controller.SetRotation(Rotation), PlayerController(Controller).SetViewTarget(self), Controller.GotoState(LandMovementState) and PlayOwnedSound(Sound'WeaponSounds.redeemer_shoot',SLOT_Interact,1.0).
FaceRotation( rotator NewRotation, float DeltaTime ) (simluated) 
UpdateRocketAcceleration( float DeltaTime, float YawChange, float PitchChange ) 
Updates this pawn's acceleration based on banking, etc.
PhysicsVolumeChange( PhysicsVolume Volume ) (simulated) 
Landed( vector HitNormal ) (simulated) 
Calls Blowup(Location).
HitWall( vector HitNormal, Actor Wall ) (simulated) 
Calls Blowup(Location).
Calls Blowup(Location).
Touch( Actor Other ) (simulated, singlar) 
If Other.bBlockActors is true, calls BlowUp(Location).
Bump( Actor Other ) (simulated, singlar) 
If Other.bBlockActors is true, calls BlowUp(Location).
TakeDamage( int Damage, Pawn instigatedBy, vector hitlocation, vector momentum, class<DamageType> damageType ) 
If Damage > 0 and either InstigatedBy == None or InstigatedBy.Controller == None or Instigator == None or Instigator.Controller == None or InstigatedBy.Controller.SameTeamAs(Instigator.Controller) returns false, if InstigatedBy == None or DamageType.Default.bVehicleHit is true or DamageType == class'Crushed', calls BlowUp(Location), otherwise if PlayerController(Controller) != None calls PlayerController(Controller).PlayRewardAnnouncement('Denied',1, true), if PlayerController(InstigatedBy.Controller) != None calls PlayerController(InstigatedBy.Controller).PlayRewardAnnouncement('Denied',1, true), before it calls Spawn(class'SmallRedeemerExplosion'), RelinquishController(), SetCollision(false,false,false), HurtRadius(Damage, DamageRadius*0.125, MyDamageType, MomentumTransfer, Location) and Destroy().
Fire( optional float F ) 
Calls ServerBlowup(). If F is 1, sets OldPawn.Health = -1 and calls OldPawn.KilledBy(OldPawn).
Calls Blowup(Location).
BlowUp( vector HitLocation ) 
If Role == ROLE_Authority, set bHidden = true, E = Spawn(class'RedeemerExplosion',,, HitLocation - 100 * Normal(Velocity), Rot(0,16384,0)) and if Level.NetMode is a DedicatedServer, set E.LifeSpan = 0.7, then switch to state Dying.
bool DoJump( bool bUpdating ) 
Returns false.
DrawHUD( Canvas Canvas ) (simulated) 
Draws the HUD elements for the RedemmerWarhead.
Died( Controller Killer, class<DamageType> damageType, vector HitLocation ) 
Calls Blowup(Location).
bool CheatWalk() 
Returns false.
bool CheatGhost() 
Returns false.
bool CheatFly() 
Returns false.
ShouldCrouch( bool Crouch ) 
Calls Blowup(Location). If OldPawn != None and OldPawn.Health > 0, call OldPawn.KilledBy(OldPawn).


bool EncroachingOn( Actor Other ) 
Returns the value of Other.bWorldGeometry.
EncroachedBy( Actor Other ) 
Calls BlowUp(Location).
BaseChange() (singular) 
PlayDying( class<DamageType> DamageType, vector HitLoc ) (simulated) 
SetWalking( bool bNewIsWalking ) 


Flying (auto) 
Tick( float DeltaTime ) 
If bFireForce is false and PlayerController(Controller), sets bFireForce = true and calls PlayerController(Controller).ClientPlayForceFeedback("FlakCannonAltFire"). If OldPawn == None or OldPawn.Health <= 0, calls BlowUp(Location). Otherwise if Controller == None, if OldPawn.Controller == None calls OldPawn.KilledBy(OldPawn) before calling BlowUp(Location).
Ignores Trigger, Bump, HitWall, HeadVolumeChange, PhysicsVolumeChange, Falling and BreathTimer.
Fire( optional float F ) 
BlowUp( vector HitLocation ) : EMPTY
ServerBlowUp() : EMPTY
Timer() : EMPTY
TakeDamage( int Damage, Pawn instigatedBy, vector hitlocation, vector momentum, class<DamageType> damageType) : EMPTY
BeginState() : Sets bHidden and bStaticScreen to true. Calls SetPhysics(PHYS_None), SetCollision(false,false,false) and Spawn(class'IonCore',,, Location, Rotation). If SmokeTrail != None, calls SmokeTrail.Destroy(). Calls ShakeView().
ShakeView() : Sets Scale based on distance to every PlayerController with a ViewTarget in the Level.ControllerList. Then calls C.ShakeView(ShakeRotMag*Scale, ShakeRotRate, ShakeRotTime, ShakeOffsetMag*Scale, ShakeOffsetRate, ShakeOffsetTime) for every PlayerController with a ViewTarget within the DamageRadius.
Begin: Causes damage in increasing blast radii, separated by short pauses, while relinquishing the Controller and before Destroying itself. Sets Instigator = self. Calls PlaySound(sound'WeaponSounds.redeemer_explosionsound'), then HurtRadius(Damage, DamageRadius*0.125, MyDamageType, MomentumTransfer, Location), Sleep(0.5), HurtRadius(Damage, DamageRadius*0.300, MyDamageType, MomentumTransfer, Location), Sleep(0.2), HurtRadius(Damage, DamageRadius*0.475, MyDamageType, MomentumTransfer, Location), Sleep(0.2). Then calls RelinquishController(). Then calls HurtRadius(Damage, DamageRadius*0.650, MyDamageType, MomentumTransfer, Location), Sleep(0.2), HurtRadius(Damage, DamageRadius*0.825, MyDamageType, MomentumTransfer, Location), Sleep(0.2), HurtRadius(Damage, DamageRadius*1.000, MyDamageType, MomentumTransfer, Location). Finally calls Destroy().

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