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Redeemer Style Weapons[edit]

A page in progress

This is for UT[edit]

Extend Projectile

class MyRedeemer extends Projectile

Add a mesh, usually by addding the following line to the default properties

mesh=lodMesh'(insert mesh name here)'

such as a missle


create a tick function and add code to change the missiles direction as well as manage the playerpawn's


simulated function Tick(float DeltaTime)
velocitiy = vector(rotation)*250;

add a destroyed() function to handle the playerpawn and a shockwave

simulated function Destroyed()
playerpawn(instigator).viewtarget = playerpawn(instigator)

i haven't tested it yet, but it's good in concept.

Gimbal lock[edit]

While fixing this seems simple, upon closer inspection, it turns out to be complex. The solution

may be to subclass playerpawn to allow direct access to input variables. That includes checking and

setting. Then one would grab that info and pass it to the projectile, which would

calculate the rotation, store it as a quaternion witch does

not suffer from gymbal lock. a simple conversion to rotator for the rotation and some vector stuff

for the velocity and acceleration, and your done (with the gimbal lock fix at least.)


Foxpaw: Some note should be made on this page that it refers to the UT implementation. In UT2003 the redeemer does not track the firer's rotation and instead is essentially a specialized type of player itself.

MythOpus: How do you know this tut in't going to be for the UT2k3 version ? o_O

Foxpaw: The "add code to the tick event to follow direction of player" is the way the Redeemer was done in UT.

MythOpus: Where does it say anything about this tick event here ? lol o_O

Wormbo: Right above Foxpaw's first response: "Add code to the tick event to follow direction of player".

MythOpus: :O Don't I feel smart !

Wormbo: "A page in progress" ? It doesn't look like that. I hope TomAndrews continues this tutorial, otherwise it should probably be tagged with "Delete Me"...

GRAF1K: From TomAndrews:

TomAndrews: I'm working on it now, give me a week and it should be done.

Granted, TomAndrews should have written to the point of his tutorial being of use before uploading, but still... no DeleteMe until the 23rd. ;-)

Dirk Fist: I'd like to make a deemer(UT) that does'nt have gymbal lock

GRAF1K: That's it.

MadNad Well, since its been so long... want to have some fun, give weapons to the deemer in 2k3  :P

TomAndrews: I'm working on it more, but yeah it is for UT. I wish i could do ut2003, but no waay on a 500mhz laptop with 25bmb ram and 8mb video