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Clan: The Gifted

Currently working on "Last Team Standing", (LTS), a recreation of TAM for UT3.

Last Team Standing


Playable, but needs polishing.

Not sure about what features to add. There wont be a challenge mode. Brightskins might have to be added since the mod is incompatable with CustomUT.

but i quite like standard UT3 brightskins that change with distance.

Current Features

  • Round based scoring.
  • Score for kills, and extra point for last kill.
  • Start with all weapons.
  • Invincible between rounds.
  • All items removed from map.
  • Sprees are continued between rounds.
  • Works with bots.
  • Starting health is configureable via ini.
  • Ammo is configurable via ini.
  • Score for Damage.
  • Alive players shown on hud, If same team as you, their health is also displayed.
  • Announcements for Overtime and new round.
  • Players spawn in teams. (works, but not fantastic)
  • During rounds, you can only spectate teammates. Left click = next player. Right click = switch to/from behindview.
  • Overtime damage.
  • Most Damage, and Most Headshots stats added.
  • Stats, accuracy, damage dealt, shots fired for each weapon, etc....


  • Remove vehicles from map, allows heatray etc.. to be fair.
  • Camper Detection / warnings / punishments.


  • Not sure about starting health and ammo. Once i have a server running LTS, i will be able to find a nice balance for it.
  • Will get a proper website if this mod turns out ok.


MythOpus: Sounds fun. Am I missing something about UT3 not having 'custom' configurable settings that can be placed directly into the gametype settings menu? Also, whats a 'heatray'? And if you're looking for any reference code for camper detection, UT2004 has some in one of the gametypes. I don't remember which, sorry. Also, doesn't UT3 already keep track of accuracy, damage dealt etc. ? I know UT2004 does at least.

Rye: heatRay is DM Map that has a DeathWalker vehicle spawnpoint. kinda makes the game unbalanced in normal DM and TDM, so in TAM it will just be stupid. As for camper detection, im probably just gonna steal code from UT2004 TAM. it works well enough. The stats that i want to add should be kept by UT3 already yes, but i need to find them. And even then, im not sure what kind of access i'll have to them. Ive already added my own stats for hits per fire type, and damage per fire type. but im struggling to think of a way to get the total number fired without extending about 20 classes.

Im not sure myself about gametype config screens. For now, im just gonna leave it to editing an in file. The default values will be what ive found to be good balanced values anyway, through my own testing and friends who help be beta test it.