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Who the heck are you?![edit]

Uhh... SavannahLion? A large lion that lives at... OK, I'll get real here. I live at Planet Half-Life Forums(PHLF for short).

Despite my presence on the PHLF, as well as a number of other forums, I value my privacy. If you're lucky, you might find out where I live or even my real name. Until then, have a bit of patience ;)

In the mean time, you'll just have to live with the fact that I'm a student of most programming languages and I'm trapped in a dead end job.


Several, but the reason for my arrival here is the Sovereign project, a UT2003 conversion. A quick search at Planet Unreal Forums | Search with that name will turn up a few posts. I'd hang out at Planet Unreal and get all my answers there, but sadly, the Planet sites have a poor developers community. Too many people complaining that they're not getting more than 75 FPS and not enough that actually know what OOP stands for.

Chances are, you'll never see me pimp the Sovereign mod or even my other projects, except on this lone page.


To understand the UT2003 structure to complete the Sovereign project.

To locate a structured resource for available functions in UT2003.

To not be an ass :P


Pimping is not my normal thing. However, the main Sovereign guy has laid down a few not so subtle hints that he wants his members to pimp the mod more. To be frank, I don't think Wiki is really the place for that. In other words, I wouldn't want to see everyone else pimping their mods all over Wiki when I'm trying to find answers. Since I don't really expect anyone to actually find any answers on this little page and this seems to be the place for personal... stuff, I guess a few links wouldn't hurt.

  • === HLPD ===
Something to keep my sanity in check
Half-Life Prototype Developers Site
Because of HLPD, I've been intentionally avoiding Unreal Wiki... sorry Tarquin, I don't want to be too influenced :)
  • === Sovereign (Dead) ===
Sovereign thread @ PUF
(Sovereign is having trouble keeping web page designers so the home page is in a shambles)
email : (eerrr, not me)
icq : 105531487 Vangor (Not me either)
irc : #sovereign

Project moved to use the Half-Life 2. I would say wait, but hey, whatever.

Foxpaw: I read the overview you posted on that forum, and I had an idea, though I don't know if it is close to what you had in mind. There was a neat game called "Die by the Sword" where you used the keyboard to move and the mouse to attack. Your weapon would "follow" the mouse, so if your sword was down and to the right and you moved the mouse up and to the left you would slash upward diagonally. If you went far enough up your character would raise the weapon over his/her head. It was pretty neat and I think was a very distinct implementation of close combat. I don't know if that would be something you would want for your mod but I think it was a very cool combat system that unfortunately has not been seen in any games since. (to my knowledge.)

  • === Xirteneg ===
Parallel work in progress which has nothing to do with Sovereign....
  • === Player Worlds Editor (Dead) ===
90% completed. Aborted due to the sale of Player Worlds.
Alturiak (offline?)
  • === Rabbit ===
Temporarily suspended due to real life kicking me in the face since 9/11/2001



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Pages to watch:[edit]


Useful pages/sites:[edit]


Beyond Unreal

Planet Unreal (Weak)

How to Ask Questions the Smart Way

Comments, Guest Book, Whatever:[edit]

Whatever goes here I guess →SavannahLion

EntropicLqd: Hello, and welcome to the Wiki. Enjoy your stay.

Tarquin: Hello & welcome :)

SavannahLion: Really guys, if you want to um... point me to some nice useful Unreal coding/modeling/etc pages, that would be great! I have a nice fat collection of sites, but it's all for Half-Life :P But I have to admit, Wiki is the best I've found.... → Rubs some dirt off of nose. →

Tarquin: :p start at UnrealScript for coding. there's not so much on modelling yet