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My name is John (aka "Shambler") Barrett, I've been playing and coding with the Unreal Engine since Unreal1 and am currently working on and off with many small projects in UT2004.

Here are some of my past/current projects:


  • Infiltration: I took over work on this mod and have been maintaining it since Sept. 2001 , I've made numerous changes to the gametype (while preserving gameplay) and have worked on basic cheat protections for the game too. This was my main coding project up until I stopped playing Unreal1.
  • 227 patch: I was contracted by Epic (along with Smirftsch from http://www.OldUnreal.com) to work on the (to be released) 227 patch for Unreal1, the patch mainly consists of bug fixes.


  • Crystal Chaos: This was a UT2004 mod entered into the Make Something Unreal Contest, I created it's HUD helped with various other small pieces of code.
  • ONSPlus: ONSPlus is an enhancement of the Onslaught gametype released with UT2004, it's main focus is bugfixing the gametype and improving the flow of gameplay. Many of the bugfixes in this mod were included by Epic in UT2004 patches.
  • TitanTeamFix: TitanTeamFix is a highly configurable team balancing mutator for UT2004, I started coding it for the Titan servers (http://ut2004.titaninternet.co.uk) to replace another less reliable team balancing mutator. Recently I have upgraded TitanTeamFix by coding a basic UScript SQL Client, it collects and stores player statistics in a MySQL database, so as to help balance teams by perceived skill as well as by numbers.
  • PortalGun: Inspired by videos of the Nerbacular Drop mod for Half-Life2, I initially started work on this as a proof of concept that such a weapon could be made in UT2004 and decided to continue work on it after getting a lot of positive feedback. :) I'm still working on it at this moment in time (alongside other projects above), I currently have it rendering seamless portals as well as having it successfully transport vehicles and even weapons fire (including instant-hit fire) through the portal. Unfortunately there is no ETA on the release of this project, for reasons I can't go in to.


  • Cheat protections/exploit fixes: Through my experiences with the Unreal Engine I have learned how to find, examine, exploit and fix a great variety of weaknesses in the engines code. This has led me to contributing to a number of different cheat protections and mods (not forgetting offical patches as well) such as Unreal Tournament Damage Control (UTDC, UT1), AnthChecker (UT1), Team Arena Master (UT2004), UT2004 patch 3355 (I think...I'm credited in latest patch readme anyway) plus other things I have forgotten :)

Contact info

Mail: ShamblerATOldUnreal.com or Shambler__ATHotmail.com


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