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While spectating a bot, enter the console command


to see information about the bot and what it is trying to do.

The problem however, is how to spectate a bot.

  • Go to Options -> Player Setup, and check the box marked "play as spectator." In the next game you play, you'll be in Spectator Mode. Left-click to cycle through all the bots and player's cameras, or right-click to fly around the map. – this option is not present in UT2003
  • Hit the Spectate button instead of Play
  • (UT2004) Use the "Spectate" button on the in-game Escape menu (this also works when playtesting directly from UnrealEd)
  • Use Mychaeel's Spectate Botmatch mutator

SuperApe: The game engine has separate game settings saved for your Ued session. You can Forfeit your playtesting game, go to Settings and set it up the way you want. Then, you can launch a game in any map. At any time, you can pull down the console (~) and "open autoplay". This will launch your playtesting map again with your new settings. Indicentally, if you exit gracefully at this point, the new settings will be saved for your Ued session.

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SuperApe: I'd like to see a comprehensive list of the different sections (color coded) and the list of information showdebug gives detailed on this page. I know the information is compiled from a variety of actors; I suspect, Controller, Pawn, Bot and Weapon.

Category:Legacy Mapping

Category:Legacy To Do - add sections for each actor with a displaydebug function, describing each element it displays.