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UT2003 :: Object >> Sound (Package: Engine)

A reference to a sound within a sound package. A list of sound packages and the sound effects within them can be found in UnrealEd's Sound Browser. A common use of the Sound class is:

The Following Example Can Be Used If You Want To Use A Variable:

class MyActor extends Actor;
var Sound TheSound;
function SomeFunction()
  PlaySound( TheSound );
  TheSound = Sound 'MySoundPackage.MySoundGroup.MySound'

The Following Example Can Be Used If You Don't Want A Variable:

class MyClass extends MyActor;
#exec OBJ LOAD FILE="..\Sounds\MySoundPackage.uax" //This may or may not require you to put this line in.
function SomeOtherFunction()

For this class in UT see Sound (UT).


Sound Group

float Likelihood (native) 
float BaseRadius 
float VelocityScale 


byte Data[48] (native, const) 
Script comment: "sizeof (FSoundData) :("
Name FileType (native, const) 
String FileName (native, const) 
int OriginalSize (native, const) 
float Duration (native, const) 
int Handle (native, const) 
int Flags (native, const) 

Known Subclasses

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