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* [[Legacy:ScriptedPawn|ScriptedPawn]]
* [[Legacy:ScriptedPawn|ScriptedPawn]]
** [[Legacy:Basic ScriptedPawn Tutorial|Basic ScriptedPawn Tutorial]]
** [[Legacy:Basic ScriptedPawn Tutorial|Basic ScriptedPawn Tutorial]]
* [[Legacy:ThingFactory|ThingFactory]]
** [[Legacy:CreatureFactory|CreatureFactory]]

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UT :: Actor (UT) >> NavigationPoint (UT) >> SpawnPoint

This is a NavigationPoint defined as a spot to spawn things or creatures via ThingFactory or CreatureFactory.

Creatures spawned from a SpawnPoint will have their Event set to match the CreatureFactory's Tag, so that their death will Trigger the factory.


Inherited from Actor[edit]

name Event 
This Event will occur (be triggered) when a creature or thing is spawned at this point.
name Tag 
This needs to be set to the same Tag as the factory's.

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SuperApe: This page needed to be made. Please fill in or correct anything that's out of place. I don't have UT and only had Steve Polge's Unreal Creature Care and Feeding Guide to work off of.