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Legacy:SpeedTree Using In UT2k3-2k4

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"SpeedTree Using In UT2k3-2k4"


Actor >> SpeedTreeActor
SpeedTreeActor USource

I'd downloaded SpeedTree Demo for Unreal Runtime (it goes well at 2226.19.03), demo don't have Editor, but if you install Unreal Runtime and copy files from SpeedTree demo you may access to SpeedTreeActor and to SpeedTreeRT.dll library. And you may create new trees with this technology I don't well know Unreal Script, but if you guys know how to implement it in UT2k4. Please Post it.


Jan: SpeedTree needs an native C++ object/class in Engine.dll which not exist in UT2k3/2k4. Btw. you cannot add this without the Engine headers/sources.

Nemesisd: Yes I think so too, but look here Native Coding. I don't really know if Epic giving access to the headers of Unreal Engine.