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TOST:SDK is part of
TOST:SDK currentversion


The TOST SDK(Software Development Kit) was created to allow for easly intergrating, exstensions for TOST


SDK Version Date Author Changes
V0.5.0.0 06.01.2003 BB + first try J

Special Notes:[edit]

  • do not release an altered/recompiled version of the TOST 40 package – if you need changes, tell us (of course you can do changes to test things)
  • the current TOST 40 package/SDK is a first test version – changes are likely, also not all function have been tested so far
  • the TOST Protect source code is not avaiable
  • you are not allowed to use this code to gain profit
  • you are not allowed to create cheats using this code
  • we are not responsible for any damage (usual disclaimer etc…)
  • to compile the source you will need TO 2.2 sources and modify these to match AoT’s classes signatures

Extension Points:[edit]

Other important parts[edit]