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TOST stands for
Tactical Ops Serveradmin Tool
TOST current version
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Tost is as the name indicates a serveradmin tool, which is mostly known for its anti cheat capabilities, after the game Tactical-Ops became retail the other parts/features that help server admins where extended. Which started with the =(UfO)=IRCReporterBot made by =(UfO)=PimpMan, pimpman allowed the bt to be intergrated into TOST and the bot can these days be found under the name TOSTIRCReporter see also features section for other capabilities of TOST. With TOST 4.2 the tost also released a SDK to allow the TO community to easier design extentions for TOST (also see the SDK section here).


(as found on the tost homepage)

TOST is able to disable/detect both known and unknown cheats - play a good game of TacticalOps without being bothered by cheaters, hackers & general lamers.
Extended banlist
TOST will automatically extend your banlist to 300 slots and has another 250 possible static bans list for known cheaters.
Every teamkill of each player is saved (until the end of the map). If a player makes more teamkills than allowed he gets tempbanned. The maximum number of allowed of teamkills can be adjusted by the admin. The current number of teamkills shown to the player when he kills a teammate.
Ever lost the fun in the game due to uneven teams? Auto-MKTeams now makes teams at the beginning of each round.
Custom Logo
You can show a custom defined logo for a given period of time for players entering the server.
Custom Logomessage
You can show 4 lines of custom defined text for 10 seconds upon players entering the server.
This feature shows a killed player, which weapon and how many healthpoints and armorpoints his killer has at the time of the kill.
HUD Enhancements
TOST introduces a new kind of Weapon & TeamInfo HUD, which helps players in specific situations.
Admin Comfort
Sick of typing all the complicated console commands manually? TOST features a graphical interface!
Now you can be the root-admin and other players can be "little" admins; you can decide what they are allowed to do! Special feautre: You can now log in silently in order to ban players before they can disconnect and their IP is lost!
Does your computer crash from time to time, especially in clanwars? Do you lose your money and stats everytime? Now this is over! TOST restores both your money and stats when reconnecting.
Map handling
Now you are able to get to know the next map from the mapcycle, without being admin! For clanwars: Admins now can set the next map very easily!
Enhanced Vote System
You are sick of leaving servers because they are full of TKs and no one votes them out? Now you can vote teamkillers very effectively: every teamkill will half the needed votes to kick a player out of the game.
Enhanced Communication System
Tell your teammates your exact status (health, weapon, location) with a single keystroke!
Weapon Renamer
Ever wondered what a "Black Hawk" is? Now you can use your favorite weapons with their real names !
IRC Reporter bot
Sick of not being able to play a clanwar and not knowing what's going on? Get the hell into IRC and follow the game.


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