My program doesn't have bugs. It just develops random features.


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UT2003 :: Actor >> TankVictim (Package: XEffects)

This is a skeletal mesh Non-Player Character (NPC) of a human who's become the victim of some horrible experiment. All that's left of him is his upper body, attached to tubes and wires and floating inside a glass tank of fluid. When triggered, this character wakes up from a sleeping state, touches the glass as if to call attention to his perdicament. After a few seconds, he grows tired again and drifts back to sleep.

It's also known as that guy who floats in a tank (StaticMesh'AbaddonHardware.Tank01AB') in the stock map DM-Insidious and wakes up when a player character approaches the tank.


SleepS (auto) 
This loops the animation sequence "Sleep" and waits for a Trigger event before playing the animation sequence "WakeUp" and switching to the "Wake" state.
This loops the animation sequence "Idle" and sets a Timer for 15 seconds before switching to the "Ready" state.
This waits for the Timer function to be called before switching back to the "Sleep" state.

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