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Legacy:Texture (UT3)

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UT3 :: Object (UT3) >> Surface (UT3) >> Texture (Package: Engine)

The base class of all texture-like resources, including simple images, cubemaps, movies and render targets.

This class roughly corresponds to the RenderedMaterial or BitmapMaterial classes in UT200x or to the Bitmap class in UT.


See Legacy:Texture (UT3)/Enums.


Only editor-visible properties are listed here, because the hidden properties are only for internal use.

Texture group

bool SRGB 
float UnpackMin[4]
float UnpackMax[4] 
bool CompressionNoAlpha 
bool CompressionFullDynamicRange 
bool DeferCompression 
bool NeverStream 
Allows artists to specify that a texture should never have its miplevels dropped which is useful for e.g. HUD and menu textures.
bool bDitherMipMapAlpha 
When TRUE, mip-maps are dithered for smooth transitions.
bool bPreserveBorderR
bool bPreserveBorderG
bool bPreserveBorderB
bool bPreserveBorderA 
If TRUE, the color border pixels are preseved by mipmap generation. One flag per color channel.
TextureCompressionSettings CompressionSettings 
TextureFilter Filter 
The texture filtering mode to use when sampling this texture.
TextureGroup LODGroup 
Texture group this texture belongs to for LOD bias.
int LODBias 
A bias to the index of the top mip level to use.
string SourceFilePath (editconst) 
Path to the resource used to construct this texture
string SourceFileTimestamp (editconst) 
Date/Time-stamp of the file from the last import

Known Subclasses