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Legacy:Texture Toolkit For UnrealEd

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The Texture Toolkit for UnrealEd (aka "UEd TexKit") is a collection of several small utilities designed to compensate for some bugs and limitations in UnrealEd's texture import/export functions, and make importing and exporting various types of textures from UnrealEd easier.

It includes the following utilities:

  • A program for fixing broken TGA files exported from UnrealEd so that they correctly report alpha information.
  • A program for converting from and to the broken BMP format UnrealEd uses for importing/exporting G16 textures.
  • A program for converting DDS files (DXT compressed texture exports) to TGA for importing into other programs (or back into UnrealEd).

The Texture Toolkit package can be downloaded from http://www.foogod.com/UEdTexKit

These utilities were written by Foogod. Feedback is welcome.

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