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Rant About the curse of Taking on Too Many projects at One Time[edit]

By Bob_The_Beheader

The Curse[edit]

Has the curse ever infected you? You get interested in mapping, so you start designing a map. In the middle of that, you become interested in learning UScript, and you want to make a new weapon. So now you are learning to code, and you've put aside the map, which at this point, you are completely uninterested in. While coding the weapon, you decide it would be cool to make a new projectile for it, so you start making textures. Then, during that, you decide to stop making sprites and emitters, and learn to do a little 3d modeling to create a new model for the weapon. Then you suddenly stop the weapon entirely, because you have a cool idea for a new map. you start working on that.

At this point, you realize the trend that's happening. It's been months since you started working on that, and you realize that you have not yet put out one single finished product. So you go back and start working on the map, then switch to the gun again, then switch to the second map.

Oh great. Now you just came up with an idea for a vehicle.

On top of this, you have schoolwork to do, and you like to play UT also. So for the most part, you don't have time for any of these projects at all.

A poor fix:[edit]

One mod to bring them all

And in the darkness bind them.

How about this... Begin work one a map that teaches you everything from mapping to coding, to modeling, texturing, materials, the works. It's a massive project, but by the end of it, you will have learned a hell of a lot. You decide to make a map that requires embedded mutators and a new turret vehicle, complete with a simple modified AI. You are going to learn about objectives, capture the flag gametype, and how bots thing. Oh... and you are even going to make some custom textures and static meshes for the map, too.

Thats where I'm at. See my map idea, Map Ideas/CTF-Sentinel.

At least this way, you can work on/ learn all of the aspects of modding for UT, and ultimately still be working on one project.

Graphik: Yes, but then you have nothing halfway workable for forever and a half. It's good to finish things and play them, too.