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The toolbox is on the left-hand side of the UnrealEd Interface.

In UnrealEd 2 and newer versions, the toolbox is divided into groups, each of which can be collapsed down. It is scrollable, but in UnrealEd 3 the scrollbar is very narrow and is easily missed.


These are "tools" in the classic sense: they alter the behavior of the mouse cursor. The modes group:

Legacy interface.toolbox.modes.png
  1. Legacy Camera Movement mode: navigate around the map, move objects. Simple rotation is available in this mode too.
  2. Legacy button.mode.vertex.gif Vertex editing mode
  3. Legacy button.mode.scale.gif Brush scaling mode
  4. Legacy button.mode.rotate.gif Brush rotate mode
  5. Legacy button.mode.texpan.gif Texture pan mode
  6. Legacy button.mode.texrot.gif Texture rotate mode
  7. Legacy button.mode.clip.gif Brush clipping mode
  8. Polygon drawing mode
  9. Face drag mode. In older versions of the editor, activated by typing "MODE FACEDRAG" into the console.
  10. Terrain mode
  11. Matinee mode

There are also several modes that do not have toolbox icons, due to being experimental or buggy. See binding editor commands for how to access them more easily.

  • brush sheer mode
  • Geometry mode – "MODE GEOMETRY" (anyone know what this is supposed to do? I can't get anything out of it!

Brush Clipping Group[edit]

Legacy interface.toolbox.brushGlipGr.gif

These are commands that work with brush clipping mode.

Brushbuilders Group[edit]

Legacy interface.toolbox.defbuilders.gif

The Brushbuilders forge the red builder brush into a new shape. For a tutorial on how to use these, see Subtract A Space.

Brush Operations Group[edit]

These are commands that modify the map architecture:

Legacy interface.toolbox.BrushOperations.png
  1. Add: create a new additive brush from the red builder brush
  2. Subtract: create a new subtractive brush from the red builder brush (see CSG and Unreal Geometry)
  3. Intersect
  4. Deintersect
  5. Add Special Brush
  6. Add StaticMesh
  7. Add Mover: see Create a mover and Mover Topics.
  8. Add an Antiportal
  9. Add a Volume

Visibility Group[edit]

Legacy interface.toolbox.visibility.gif

Hides and shows actors. more.... Hiding Actors

Custom Group[edit]

Contains buttons which are defined by the user. See Custom Toolbox Buttons.

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