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The Translator (sometimes referred to by its full name of "Universal Translator") is an inventory item from the classic Unreal game that acquires text messages from the environment. These messages are placed in the maps by using TranslatorEvent actors. If a player touches a TranslatorEvent, and that player has a Translator in his inventory, then the message in that TranslatorEvent will be copied into the Translator, and the Translator will notify the HUD that there is a new message.

There is not much of interest to editors about the Translator class, except for the fact that people making SinglePlayer and Coop maps for Unreal and UT need to know about this inventory pickup. Also, the Translator's functionality is mostly hardcoded into the UnrealHUD class, while the Translator itself is merely an on/off switch for a property in this HUD. See TranslatorEvent and UnrealHUD for more information.


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