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UT :: Actor >> Keypoint (UT) >> TriggeredAmbientSound

Re-plays a sound effect if triggered. If in state TriggerToggled, the sound is turned off if triggered, and turned on, etc.. when triggered again. In the OnWhileTriggered state, the instigator must stay within the trigger's radius for the sound effect to continue playing. bInitiallyOn determines if the sound is playing from the start, and does not apply in the OnWhileTriggered state. A variance can also be set for the timing, so that the replay time can seem more 'real'.



bool bInitiallyOn
Play sound on start up.
sound AmbSound
Sound to play.
float rePlayTime
After this time in seconds has passed, the sound is replayed from the beginning.
float rePlayVariance
rePlayTime varies until ±rePlayVariance seconds randomly.
var() bool bPlayOnceOnly
AmbSound is played once only.

Object > InitialState

Toggles AmbSound on/off.
Sound is played only as along as the instigator stays within the trigger's radius.
Actor does nothing (except if bInitiallyOn==True).


  • If rePlayTime and rePlayVariance are both zero, no sound will be played.
  • One of the Great Mysteries of Unreal I and UT: how to get this to work...? It seems problem #1 is Advanced -> bStatic needs to be set to false. However, there are reports that this still doesn't fix it. Several coders have made their own versions, see Discussion page

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