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Unreal Movie Studio

Created by UnFramed Productions

Coding by Stephen 'Nemesis' Deaver, Yoda and Hugh

About UMS

Unreal Movie Studio is a tool for Unreal Tournament which allows you to make powerful cutscenes, and movies. It has a simple script system, which allows people to manipulate cameras, and characters, and tell a story your way.

Some features of UMS include:

  1. Easy to use Director system - all the commands are laid out in front of you
  2. Full control over cameras
  3. Full control over pawns (actors) including rate of animations, and the ability to choose the animation
  4. Full skin lip-sync (with UT's ability to have multiple skins, UMS is able to animate one of the skins for, say, mouth movement on the head)
  5. Control over any triggerable event, including movers, explosions, breaking glass, and any other effect already part of UT, plus many other possible codable effects
  6. The ability to easily load up another map (scene).
  7. Animateable heads seperate from body, for model lip-synching
  8. Full fade control
  9. Easy to use credits
  10. Full modularity, allowing for user-created modules to be added on


Introduction to Unreal Movie Studio and the basics

Camera usage and techniques

Pawn (actor) usage and techniques

Advanced Features


Effects (coming soon)

Lip-synching using skins (coming soon)

Lip-synching using models (coming soon)

Credits (coming soon)

All these tutorials (including ones that aren't on UnrealWiki yet) can be found at http://www.machinima.com/unframed/ums/tutorials.php

Download UMS

You can download UMS from the unrealservice.net downloads page

You can download UMS HUD fix from the unrealservice.net downloads page

Tarquin: would you like me to remove the non-subpage versions of the UM tutorials?

Hugh: That would be wonderful - I'd just e-mailed Mychaeel asking him how I could do it, but if you could, that would be great. Thanks

Tarquin: done. :)

NoFear MSL: Great work with the Tutorials!! I Like the Interpolations Tutorial!
by the way, Your linkt to the UMS homepage is Dead. Or the site has been moved!? Either wayt it doesn't work any more :(

Wormbo: It's also your link. ;) Please change it if you can find a working link.

Ars-Magna: I found the new location of Unframed Productions. Seems someone stole their domain name.

Daid: MMMM... oops? We named our Paintball mod, Ultimate Survival, but we sorten it to UMS when we talk about it...Ultimate Survival Site Are there any plans for UnrealMovieStudio2003?

EntropicLqd: Uh - Isn't that called Matinee?

Daid: well, can't you do more with UnrealMovieStudio then with Matinee? I wouldn't know :P never looked into one of them.

Foxpaw: You can do "more" with UMS than with Matinee, however I don't know if that "more" is necessarily "more useful" or just plain "more." I think this was written for UT though, which didn't have Matinee. As a side-note, the Unreal Engine claims to have support for lip-sync stuff natively, but I don't think any of it has been defined in UnrealScript for UT2003.

GTD-Carthage: The download link doesn't work... does that mean there's no longer any chance for making movies with Unreal Tournament 1999?

GTD-Carthage: <double comment> Hey, the missing download for UMS hasn't been resolved yet. :o I guess UMS is... gone with the Net? :O

Boff: This look like a good mod. I'll try e-mailing Hugh to see what's the problem.

MythOpus: This isn't a mod, it's a 3rd party matinee system for UT 1.

Boff: Mere semantics, m3h!

Joe: Awsome little program! I'm looking for tutorials on using the other commands in the director though, i'm trying to figure out the rest like fade, motionblur, shake commands but i seem to be having problems getting them to work. Does anyone have a full documentation on ums that i can use?! Hugh or Nemesis maybe?