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Legacy:UT Bonus Pack 4

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Released 23 December 2000 by Epic Games

UMOD version is 36.3MB

MD5 Checksum: c2e96240623feac20d97bf1dce2703d7 (per The Unreal Admin Page downloads)


two new player characters and 12 maps including two texture packs

Player Characters

  • Xan - Mark II
  • WarBoss

These characters are contained in the package SkeletalChars.u


  • CTF-Beautitude: Medium sized Ancient temple CTF.
  • CTF-EpicBoy: Warren Marshall's medium sized gothic themed CTF map. This map is very detailed, we suggest a fast PC for it.
  • CTF-Ratchet: LARGE industrial CTF map. Needs many players.
  • DM-Bishop: Large Gothic style DM with excellent central combat area.
  • DM-Closer: Industrial DM with great flow.
  • DOM-Bullet: Large sized Domination map.
  • DOM-Cidom: Small Domination map similar to Condemned.
  • DOM-WolfsBay: Medium sized Domination on an out of control hovercraft. This map is very detailed, we suggest a fast PC for it.

This pack contains 2 maps that are built for ONE ON ONE Tournament play.

  • DM-Grit-TOURNEY: 1 on 1 map for competitions.
  • DM-Viridian-TOURNEY: 1 on 1 map for competitions.

This pack also contains 2 updated UT maps.

  • CTF-Face-SE: A slightly modified version of the infamous Facing Worlds map. Players spawn out of sight of snipers, some teleporter fixes, etc...
  • DOM-Lament][: Remixed version of UT's original Lament map.

Texture packs

  • Factory.utx
  • SGTech1.utx


  • The character models included in this bonus pack might not allow for replacement skins, as-is. They might not be selectable unless you have beaten the ladder game (single player). See UT Bonus Pack 4 skinnability fix for details.
  • The definitions of "large" and "fast" are relative. ;)