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I'm a "Wicked Númenorean" getting into deep with unrealED...

right now i'm about to realize a project @ university with the unreal-engine. I'm figuring out how interactive this platform could be - or if it's just as powerful as the developers from epic needed it for UT2/UT2k3.

i think that there's got to be more than just making maps'n mods with this technology, based on the original concept of a fps. to prove my fancy (but serious) idea, i just need the help of some creative scripters and more time...

more comes later...


is the working title for this project, it should offer the user the complete interaction with rooms/spaces...

each time he visits one zone, the complete layout of the level changes. this is done by a nice little script wich let's you switch warpzones randomly

// RandomWarpZoneInfo.
class RandomWarpZoneInfo extends WarpZoneInfo
var() string		  RDestinations[22];
var int			  numRDestinations;
function PreBeginPlay()
	// Generate the local connection.
	// Setup destination list.
	numDestinations = 0;
	While( numRDestinations < 22 && RDestinations[numRDestinations] != "")
	// Generate URL if necessary.
	if( numRDestinations>0 && (OtherSideURL == "") )
		OtherSideURL = RDestinations[Rand(numRDestinations)];
function Trigger( actor Other, pawn EventInstigator )
	local int nextPick;
	if (numRDestinations == 0)
//    Geris new Code
		nextPick = Rand(numRDestinations);
	}until (RDestinations[nextPick] != OtherSideURL);
		nextPick = 0;
	OtherSideURL = RDestinations[nextPick];

Tarquin: Hi, welcome to the wiki :D

Legal: What's that code for? UT? Looks pretty neat!