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The UT99 Extension Pack is an SDK bringing many new features into the Unreal-Engine 1 such as Post Processing, Combiners, new Physics, Particle System and so on. The idea for the pack arose from the extensions that were made for the crashed mod Lost Secrets of Na Pali and is the base for the SDK now. It's 100 % free and made for YOU - the community, for all who don't have given up Unreal Engine 1 ! Might be ported to other Unreal Engine Games in future (Deus Ex, Unreal, Rune, UT2004..). The "flagship" of the Mods using the SDK will be a currently secret Total Conversion, more information until there's something worth to show.

Pack Name UnrealTournament Extension Pack, UT99 SDK, UT99 Extension Pack.. whatever..
Game UnrealTournament v436
Type Development Mod/SDK
Platforms Windows, Linux, MacOS
New Sounds yes
New Music no
New Textures yes, yes
New Maps yes, tons of it
New Code what do you think
State (DEMO) 100 %, released 17th October 2007
State (FINAL) 63 %, coming TBA 2009
Developers Shadow (Everything), moonangel (basic version of the [[Lost Secrets of Na Pali LSoNP]] Render, now only assisting in that matter), Creavion (Testing, Additional Help)



    • 4 different build-in Particle Systems, varying in functionality, crapload and user friendlyness
    • Over 30 performance options (LOD, culling, visibility, respawning, recycling methods)
    • 13 different rendering modes in total (SimpleSprite, FogParticle, StaticMesh, MeshSprite, ShaderParticle etc.)
    • 17 Spawn Shapes for the Standard Emitters (Line, BoundingBox, BoundingCylinder, Polar, Spray, Fontain etc.)
    • One particle systems features sub-emitter handling
    • Currently 12 InitialStates (TriggerOn, AutoOn, AutoDelayedOff, TriggerOnTimed, TriggerControl etc.)
    • Animation Support
    • Random Texture Lists
    • Conditional and array based Properties
    • Physics Support and Methods
    • Collision Support
    • Light Support
    • Dynamic Color Support
    • Complex Fading/Scaling
    • There're really so many options I can't explain here..
    • DynamicProjector
      • Controllable Projector
        • Flashlight Projector
        • Light Cast Projector (used for dynamic light effects)
      • Fluid Projector
        • Blood Projector
      • Procedural Decals
      • ScriptedProjector
    • Advanced Decals
    • ShaderCorona
      • ProcedureCorona
        • ScriptedCorona
      • ShaderLensflare
        • ScriptedLensflare
    • ShaderSprite
      • ShaderParticle
    • Actor-based Motion Blur
    • Actor-based Light Bloom/Light Distortion
    • Complex HUD Overlays
    • Partial RenderToTexture Support (Sprite based, Corona based, Viewport/Screen based)
    • Tree Generator
    • Grass Generator
    • Sprite-based DynamicCoronas (lacks U/V Scaling and many other options the ShaderCoronas have)
    • Mesh-based DynamicCoronas (lacks U/V Scaling and many other options the ShaderCoronas have)
    • Free-Axis Sprites
  • ADVANCED ZONE EFFECTS (think of swirling underwater view..)
  • NEW RENDERS (Direct3D8 and OpenGL)
    • Hardware Post Processing
      • Fullscene Motion Blur
      • Fullscene Radial Blur
      • Fullscene Light Bloom
      • Fullscene Depth-Of-Field
    • Distance Fog
    • New Mesh System (StaticMesh-like)
      • a multiple polygon count possible, far more than the old one
      • has Static and Dynamic Lighting
      • supports Alpha-blend Textures
      • comes with it's own Tool for Import and Conversions
    • Static Simulation
    • Dynamic Simulation (dynamicly changes overall precipation state, wind and other influences)
    • Used to simulate Texture-based shaders
    • Detail Maps
    • Environment Maps
    • Cell-Shading
    • Dynamic Auras (slow)
    • simple Combiners
    • complex Combiners (fading, flicker and other procedures)
    • Preset Combiners (faster, complex Combiners)
    • SelfIllumination Support
    • Trigger Support
    • Influenceable (how about a Hit-Effect when a creature got hit..)
    • Works on Pawns, Weapons (even first Person), Items, Decorations
    • I really hope I can remove that feature when I've managed to implement Texture-based Shaders natively...
    • Dynamic Fading of every visible Actor
    • Dynamic Scaling of every visible Actor


  • xtMainUtil
    • xtThelemaPhysics
      • the real physics Util with about 50 new physics functions relating...
      • Movement
      • Advanced Interpolation
      • Advanced Attachment
      • Revolution Support (Orbital Movement)
      • Dynamic Displacement
      • Forces, Gravity, Friction etc.
      • Extended Collision
      • New General Physics (Like swaying objects, ball simulation etc.)
      • Vehicle Support
    • Full Quaternion Support
  • Representative Actor to provide the new Physics (much like KActor)
  • Hinges, Joints and other physical Interactions
  • Physics Actor Control System
    • Dynamic Displacement
    • Advanced Interpolation
    • Revolution Support (and more, see above)
  • many ready-to-use Test Objects


  • xtMainUtil
  • External AI Scripts
  • Overall improved AI
  • Full RPG System
    • Player Character Development/Progression
    • Creature/NPC Character Development/Progression
    • Quest System
    • Team/Guild System
    • Resource System (read books, write emails, "send emails", read panels whatever..)
    • new Inventory
    • Trade System
    • Conversation/Dialog System
    • ready-to-use example NPCs and Quests
    • upgradeable/modifyable Items
  • Level Memory System (allows non-linear Gameplay)
  • tons of new Gameplay/AI Scripts (Triggers, Keypoints, NavPoints etc.)


  • Mp3 Support/Player
  • Ogg Support/Player
  • Dynamic Footstep Sounds
  • Material Events


  • xtMainUtil (base util class providing many new functions relating vectors, advanced maths, rotators, strings, quaternions, conversions etc.)
  • New Movie/Cutscene System
  • Volume Support (abstract areas like in Unreal Engine 2+)
  • AutoReplacing Mutators that replace various old Effects and Weapons
  • Complete Tech Demo Suite
  • Options Menu
  • extracted UScript Source
  • extracted Content Source
  • Detailed Documentation
    • Step-By-Step Tutorials
    • Class Reference
    • Optimization Documents (Tips on how to tweak Features)
    • Idea Documents (Inspiration on how to expand existing Features)
  • More than 20 Auto Tech Demos (Tech Demos as sequences)
  • Around 5 Tech Demos (Normal Tech Demos where the Player has free movement)
  • Tons of Tutorial-related Maps
  • Many Example Maps

Class Reference (Not yet finished)[edit]



Cooperating Projects (UT)[edit]

These are projects officially featuring the SDK. They either use the public version or an adapted version to fit the mod. All content, code and names are adapted on the Mod then so that no Version Mismatches will occur.


- DM-Ryigiar (Special-Edition)

Mods/Total Conversions[edit]

-Antalius SP (Singleplayer)-

-Living Sacrifice (Singleplayer)-

- Marathon:Resurrection (Single/Multiplayer)

-BerzerkUT (Single/Multiplayer)-

-CLASSIFIED: [A secret Total Conversion] (Single/Multiplayer)-


A Demo version of the Pack has been released around October/November last year.

UT99 Extension Pack v1.01 (DEMO) 3.2 MB

I do not recommend any developing for Mods or Maps based on this Version. It's Beta, not complete and has it's bugs. Play around with it and test everything out, but it was released because many cannot await the release of the Final.


Official ModDB Profile

Official Myspace

Future Plans[edit]

Suggestions have been made concerning porting the Extension Pack to other UnrealEngine Games. Mostly DeusEx. After releasing the UnrealTournament Version I'll see if I try to port it to other Games as well.. I also hope to port it to Unreal too.