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Engine Development Credits

Unreal Engine Core System Design

  • Tim Sweeney

Engine Development Management

  • Daniel Vogel

Engine Technical Director

  • Joe Graf

Engine Management System

  • Steven Polge


  • Warren Marshall
  • Demiurge Studios (UDN build on toolsets into UnrealEd)
  • RAD Games Tools (Bink Video SDK integrated into UnrealEd)
  • Ageia (PhysX Builder integrated into UnrealEd's sub UnrealPhAT)
  • OC3 Entertainment (FaceFX Studio integrated into UnrealEd's sub AnimSet Editor)
  • Fonix Speech (VoiceIn and DecTalk SDK integrated into UnrealEd's sub AnimSet Editor)
  • Engenuity (A.I. Implant SDK integrated into UnrealEd's sub UnrealKismet)
  • Interactive Data Visualization (SpeedTreeRT integrated into UnrealEd)
  • Digimask (Digimask SDK integrated UnrealEd's sub AnimTree Editor)
  • Kynogon (Kynapse A.I. SDK integrated into UnrealEd's sub UnrealKismet)
  • Geomerics (Enlighten SDK integrated into UnrealEd)
  • Allegorithmic (ProFX SDK integrated into UnrealEd's sub visual material shader editor)
  • PhaseSpace (Motion Capture SDK integrated into UnrealEd's sub AnimSetEditor)
  • Illuminate Labs (Beast SDK integrated into UnrealEd)
  • Natural Motion's Morpheme (Morpheme SDK integrated into UnrealEd)

Rendering Engine

  • Daniel Vogel (Main, scene graph, animation system, renderer devices, shader pipeline, special effects)
  • Andrew Scheidecker (Renderer devices, terrain system)
  • Sam Zamani (Shader pipeline, optimizing renderer)
  • Tim Johnson (New rendering technologies research and development, optimizing renderer, all technologies into UE3 from Reality Engine)
  • Niklas Smedberg (Voxel renderer and more rendering technologies)
  • Mike Fricker (Optimizing renderer)
  • Demiurge Studios (UDN build on many rendering technologies)
  • RAD Game Tools's Bink Video (in-game video and movies middleware, no additional cost)
  • OC3 Entertainment's FaceFX Technology (Real-time lipsync and facial animation middleware, no additional cost)
  • Digimask's Digimask SDK (Digital facial model making system middleware)
  • Interactive Data Visualization's SpeedTreeRT (Real-time tree and vegetation middleware, no additional cost)
  • Geomerics's Enlighten (Global illumination, radiosity, ray tracing, soft shadows and many lighting/shading/shadowing optimized technniques middleware, no additional cost)
  • Allegorithmic's ProFX (Procudually textures middleware, no additional cost)
  • PhaseSpace's Motion Capture (Digital motion capture and real-time supported middleware, no additional cost)
  • Umbra Software's Umbra (Scene graph optimized middleware)
  • Umbra Software's dPVS (Scene graph, optimized middleware)
  • Umbra Software's sPVS (Scene graph, optimized middleware)
  • Illuminate Labs's Beast (Global illumination baking, skylights from HDR images, baked soft shadows with transparency)
  • Natural Motion's Morpheme (Advanced and fully customisable blend techniques, hierarchical animation state machine, IK support, physics support, and compression algorithms)

Physics Engine

  • James Golding (Base physics)
    • Ageia's PhysX (Middleware, no additional cost)

Network Engine

  • Steven Polge (Unreal Network)
  • Quazal Technologies's Rendez-Vous (Middleware)
  • Quazal Technologies's Spark (Middleware)
  • IGN's GameSpy (Middleware)

Sound Engine

  • Creative Labs's OpenAL Audio System (Freeware)
  • Firelight Technologies's FMOD (Freeware)
  • Ogg Vorbis (Freeware)
  • Fonix Speech's VoiceIn Technology (Middleware)
  • Fonix Speech's DecTalk Technology (Middleware)

A.I. System

  • Steven Polge (Unreal A.I.)
  • Engenuity's AI Implant (Middleware, no additional cost)
  • Kynogon's Kynapse A.I. (Middleware, no additional cost)

Console Porting

  • Josh Adams
  • Dave Burke
  • Ron Prestenback
  • Scott Sherman
  • Niklas Smedberg
  • Sam Zamani
  • Daniel Wright
  • John Scott
  • Keith Newton
  • Wes Hunt

Unreal Engine 3 Integrated Partners Program (Unreal Engine 3 IPP) List and Announced Date

The Unreal Engine 3 Integrated Partners Program is a program designed to help developers take advantage of 3rd party technologies, with guaranteed support and compatibility for the most popular game engine this generation. Epic is selecting companies whose software is cross-platform compatible and complements the goals of Unreal Engine 3. IPP members have full access to Unreal Engine 3 source code and updates.

  • Creative Labs's OpenAL (2004)
  • Xiph.Org Foundation's Ogg Vorbis (2004)
  • Firelight Technologies's FMOD (2004)
  • Open Dynamics Group's ConvexDecomposition (2004)
  • Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler's Zlib (2004)
  • Ageia's PhysX (February 23, 2004)
  • OC3 Entertainment's FaceFX Technology (October 18, 2005)
  • RAD Game Tools's Bink Video (Semtember 25, 2006)
  • Quazal Technologies's Rendez-Vous (September 28, 2006)
  • Quazal Technologies's Spark (September 28, 2006)
  • Fonix Speech's VoiceIn (October 2, 2006)
  • Fonix Speech's DecTalk (October 2, 2006)
  • Engenuity's AI Implant (October 3, 2006)
  • Interactive Data Visualization's SpeedTreeRT (October 5, 2006)
  • Digimask's Digimask SDK (November 1, 2006)
  • Kynogon's Kynapse A.I. (November 2, 2006)
  • Geomerics's Enlighten (February 19, 2007)
  • Allegorithmic's ProFX (March 1, 2007)
  • PhaseSpace's Motion Capture (July 6, 2007)
  • IGN's Gamespy (August 15, 2007)
  • Umbra Software's Umbra (September 7, 2007)
  • Umbra Software's dPVS (September 7, 2007)
  • Umbra Software's sPVS (September 7, 2007)
  • Whole Tomato Software's Visual Assist (October 10, 2007)
  • MÄK Technologies's VR-Link (October 12, 2007)
  • Anark Corporation's Gameface Studio (October 16, 2007)
  • Scaleform's Scaleform GFx (October 21, 2007)
  • Scaleform's Scaleform GFC (October 21, 2007)
  • Scaleform's Scaleform VGx (October 21, 2007)
  • Illuminate Labs's Beast (December 18, 2007)
  • Natural Motion's Morpheme (Febraury 13, 2008)

Build Versions

  • [Unreal Engine 3] Builds 3376~?
  • Unreal Engine 3 is a flexible pre multi platform design such as currently supported by 32&64-bit Windows XP&Vista, 32&64-bit Linux, 32&64-bit Mac OS X, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
  • Unreal Engine 3 intended to be significant enhancement and adding major new features until 2012

Engine Details

Rendering Technologies

  • Direct3D 9/10, OpenGL 2/3 support
  • Improved and enhanced hybrid scene management
  • 64-bit and 128-bit color High Dynamic Range lighting and rendering pipeline
    • Full day-night cycle with sunrise and sunset effects
  • Many post-processing effects
    • Light bloom
    • Lenticular halos
    • Depth-of-field
    • Motion blur
      • Full scene
      • Object-base
      • Some scene
    • Image based lighting
    • Image based rendering
    • Many more
  • Included Umbra Software's Umbra (Unreal Engine 3 IPP)
  • Included Umbra Software's dPVS (Unreal Engine 3 IPP)
  • Included Umbra Software's sPVS (Unreal Engine 3 IPP)
  • New LOD system
    • Dynamically deformable terrain rendering system
      • With 'real' displacement mapping (a.k.a. vertex texture fetch or dynamic vertex texturing)
    • Dynamic LOD for all meshes
    • Full dynamic object for all environments
  • Hardware Brush with static meshes, movable meshes, dynamic deformable complex animated meshes
  • Terrain system
    • With LOD
    • With height-mapped
    • With voxel rendering
    • Procedural vegetation layer
      • Included Interactive Data Visualization's SpeedTreeRT (Unreal Engine 3 IPP)
    • Seamlessly interconnected indoor and outdoor environments
  • Many shadowing techniquies
    • 100% fully dynamic real-time fuzzy soft shadows for all environments
    • 16x sampled shadow depth buffers for characters
    • Stencil shadow volumes for dynamic lights
    • Pre-computed shadow-masks for static lights
    • With self-shadowing
      • With all normal mapping techniquies
      • With all displacement mapping techniquies
    • With all lighting techniquies
    • Many more soft shadowing techniquies
  • Support for shader models 2, 3 and 4
    • Geometry shader support
  • Support for new graphics hardware shader model (shader model 5 and later) with OpenGL 3 and Direct3D 10.1 (SOON)
  • Extensible material shader system
    • HLSL, CG, GLSL shader language support
  • Deferred rendering and deferred shading
  • Many volumetric effects
    • Height fog
    • Height water
    • Height fire
  • Advanced extensible particle system
    • Soft particles
      • Volumetric particles
        • Volumetric explosions
        • Volumetric clouds
        • Volumetric fire
        • Volumetric water drop
        • Volumetric blood
        • Volumetric dust
        • Volumetric rain
        • Volumetric snow
        • Volumetric hail
        • Many more
    • Voxel-based particle effects
  • Many per-pixel lighting techniquies
    • Parameterized phong shading
    • Spherical harmonic lighting
      • Real-time spherical harmonic maps for all lighting types
    • Real-time ambient lighting
      • Real-time ambient maps for all lighting types
    • Radiosity lighting
      • Fully real-time PRT (Precomputed Radiance Transfer) radiosity pipeline support
    • Global illumination
      • Fully real-time true beam tracing global illumination for dynamic lights
      • Included Geomerics's Enlighten (Unreal Engine 3 IPP)
    • Volumetric lighting
    • Sub-surface scattering
    • Real-time point light
    • Real-time sun light
    • Real-time directional light
    • Real-time spot light
    • Real-time diffuse light
    • Real-time specular light
    • Real-time shiny light
    • Real-time gloss light
    • Real-time opacity light
    • Real-time spread light
    • Real-time emissive light
    • Real-time light beams
    • Real-time light shafts
    • Real-time ambient occlusion (Builds 3700+)
    • Advanced character lighting (Builds 3700+)
    • Many more lighting techniquies
  • Many normal mapping techniquies
    • Parallax mapping
      • Steep parallax mapping
      • Bump offset mapping
    • Offset mapping
      • Per-pixel displacement mapping with distance function
      • Parallax mapping with offset limiting
      • Relief mapping
    • Relief texture mapping
      • View dependent displacement mapping
      • Relief texture method
      • Virtual displacement mapping
    • With self-shadowing
    • With z-bias correction
  • 'Real' displacement mapping (a.k.a. vertex textures fetch or dynamic vertex texturing)
    • With LOD based tesseration and deformation
    • With real-time lighting
    • Displacement mapped water effects
    • Displacement mapped snowy effects
  • Voxel rendering system
    • Voxel-based terrain
    • Vexel-based environment
    • Voxel objects
    • Voxel rendering system for hardware accelated
      • Static voxel objects
      • Dynamic voxel objects
  • Real-time fully dynamic weather effects including rainy, snowy, windy, hail and cloudy with volumetrically and physically, interactivity in environments
  • 64-bit colored 8192x8192 size texture support
  • Latest builds version for support texture color and resolution up to 128-bit colored 16384x16384
  • Non-power-of-two size texture support
  • Anti-tiling techniques such as advanced modified ClipTexturing and more technologies
  • Real-time dynamic streaming texture loading system
  • Real-time dynamic streaming texture mip-mapping system (making texture set packs for many tile set in UnrealEd sub toolset, same as google earth, but ultra fastest on real-time)
  • Many animation system
    • Vertex animation
    • Skeletal animation
    • Smooth-skinned geometry
      • With LOD
        • With virtual displacement mapping
        • With real displacement mapping
      • Procedural skeletal controllers
      • Procedural motion warping
    • High density crowds (Builds 3700+)
    • Included OC3 Entertainment's FaceFX Technology (Unreal Engine 3 IPP)
    • Included Digimask's Digimask SDK (Unreal Engine 3 IPP)
  • Platform-abstracting rendering layer - the Render Hardware Interface (RHI)
    • Allows an extremely low level of abstraction, minimizing redundant code pathways
    • Supports static and dynamic binding

Other Features

  • Very flexibility and extensible Unreal Engine Core System Technology
    • 100% pure Unreal Engine 3 source code (it's not FPS based engine), editing toolsets and utilities
    • C++ Modulaty
      • Distinctly separation game modules, engine modules and all of the entirely fine parts modules
        • But very interlocked functioning on all of modules
        • Very flexibility expansions of add/modify/extending new modules
    • UnrealScript based networked engine management system
      • No hard-limited native source controls for very interlocked functioning on all of modules
        • Very easily user customizations for MODDING
      • All UnrealScript plug-in modules are use at once in UnrealEd
      • All UnrealScript plug-in modules codes add/modify/extending for in script editor for UnrealEd
        • All UnrealScript coding at in the visual scripting editor for UnrealEd
  • UnrealCascade extensible particle system with visual editor
  • UnrealMatinee real-time cutscene toolset vast improving
  • Matinee toolset very significant improving (Builds 3700+)
  • UnrealKismet visual scripting (including cutscene scripting and A.I. scripting) editor for UnrealEd
  • Vast improved visual material shader editor for UnrealEd
  • Real-time visual post-processing editor for UnrealEd
  • Improved visual-based GUI editor
  • Offline rendering system (making the pre-rendering CG animations)
  • Network-level editing system
  • Play In Editor real-time editing for immediate in-game WYSIWYG editing functions for UnrealEd
  • AnimTree advanced WYSIWYG real-time animation tree editing toolset for UnrealEd
  • AnimSet advanced WYSIWYG real-time animation sequence setting toolset for UnrealEd
  • UnrealPhAT advanced WYSIWYG real-time physics editor for UnrealEd
  • Included Ageia's PhysX physics engine (Unreal Engine 3 IPP)
  • Physics-based animation
  • Dynamic fluid surfaces (Builds 3700+)
  • Soft-body physics (Builds 3700+)
  • Destructible environments (Builds 3700+)
  • Vast improved advanced WYSIWYG real-time terrain editing toolset for UnrealEd
  • COLLADA import pipeline
  • SoundCue dynamic environmental audio system toolset for UnrealEd
  • Advanced dynamic environmental audio system for perfective in mixing
    • Interactive dynamic music
    • Dynamic environmental sound
  • Dynamic streaming system
    • Seamless loading system
    • Background loading system
    • Zone-based loading system
  • Fully multi-threaded rendering and all of it
  • Included all of the technologies of Reality Engine
  • Enhancing Real-time recording of in-engine footage as replayable 'demo' files
  • Support for processing those demo files into DivX movies (DivX library license separately)
  • Support for processing those demo files into Bink Video (Unreal Engine 3 IPP)
  • 3D Studio MAX, MAYA and Softimage's XSI MOD Tool Plug-ins
  • Client-server model supporting up to 64 players as provided
  • Included Quazal Technologies's Rendez-Vous (Unreal Engine 3 IPP)
  • Included Quazal Technologies's Spark (Unreal Engine 3 IPP)
  • Included Fonix Speech's VoiceIn Technology (Unreal Engine 3 IPP)
  • Advanced customizable A.I. system
    • Customization of dynamic path-finding system
    • Customization of BOT A.I. system
    • Customization of teamwork A.I. system
    • Customization of vehicles A.I. system
    • Customization of singleplayer-based games A.I. system
  • Included Engenuity's AI Implant (Unreal Engine 3 IPP)
  • Included Kynogon's Kynapse A.I. middleware solution (Unreal Engine 3 IPP)
  • Real-Time performancing analysis toolset

Development Tools


Announced Projects

Unreal Engine 3 is currently (March 2008) being used to develop more than 800 titles.

Project Developer Release Date Engine Build
4x4 Off Road III Avalon Style Entertainment TBA
50 Cent: Blood on the Sand Swordfish Studios Q3 2008
Aliens: Colonial Marines Gearbox Software TBA 2008
Alpha Protocol Obsidian Entertainment Q1 2009
American Mcgee's Grimm Spicy Horse TBA 2008
America's Army v3.0 U.S. Army TBA 2008
Army of Two EA Montreal Q1 2008
Triple-A (codename) Bedlam Games TBA
BioShock 2 2K Marin Q3 2009
Black Powder, Red Earth Echelon Studios TBA
Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Gearbox Software Q1 2008
Borderlands Gearbox Software TBA 2008
Daybreakers Trilogy Studios TBA
Damnation Blue Omega Q4 2008
Dead Space Redwood Shore Studio TBA
Earth No More Recoil Games TBA 2009
Edge of Twilight Fuzzyeyes Studio TBA 2009
Empire Chair Entertainment TBA
End Faramix Enterprises TBA
Fatal Inertia EX Koei PlayStation 3 – May, 2008 Build 3800
Gears of War 2 Epic Games November 2008
Hail To The Chimp Wideload Games Spring 2008
Heat Gearbox Software TBA
Highlander Eidos Interactive TBA
Rise of the Argonauts Liquid Entertainment TBA 2008
The Hilton hotel chain Virtual heroes TBA
Tiberium Electronic Arts Los Angeles TBA
To End All Wars Kuju Entertainment Summer 2008
Elveon 10Tacle Studios TBA
Tuning Point: Fall of Liberty Spark Unlimited Q1 2008
Halo Wars Ensemble Studios TBA 2008
Hei$t inXile Entertainment Q1 2008
Interstellar Marines Zero Point Software TBA
Magna Carta 2 Softmax TBA
Mass Effect 2 BioWare TBA
Mirror's Edge EA Dice TBA &ndash
Monster Madness: Grave Danger Psyonix Studios Q2 2008
Mortal Kombat 8 Midway TBA
NBA Ballers: Chosen One Midway TBA
Parabellum Acony TBA 2008
Robert Ludrum's The Bourne Conspiracy Highmoon Studios TBA 2008
Rogue Warrior Zombie Studios TBA 2008
Section 8 Timegate Studios TBA 2009
SWAT 5 Videndi Universal Games TBA
System Shock 3 Electronic Arts TBA
The Last Remnant Square Enix TBA
This is Vegas Surreal Software TBA 2008
TNA Impact! Midway 2008
The Scourge Project Tragnarion Studios TBA 2008
Tom Clancy's Air Combat Ubisoft TBA
Tom Clancy's EndWar Ubisoft Shanghai Q1 2008
Too Human Silicon Knights TBA
Twisted Tale Spicy Horse TBA
Wet Artificial Mind and Movement TBA 2008
Wheelman Tigon Studios TBA 2008
Project Connecticut - Aliens RPG Obsidian Entertainment TBA
unannounced X-COM project 2K Australia TBA
unannounced TPS project Real Time Worlds TBA
unannounced Next-Gen Fusion RPG title BioWare TBA
unannounced Sin City video game Red Mile Entertainment TBA
unannounced top secret AAA mega-project Gearbox Software TBA
unannounced Saw game Brash Entertainment TBA 2009

Unofficial Decision Epic Games's New Projects

Project Developer Release Date Engine Build
unannounced Unreal MMO title Epic Games / Epic Games China TBA
Gears of War 3 Epic Games TBA
unannounced fusion genre new ip Epic Games TBA
Unreal 3 Epic Games TBA
collaborated with People Can Fly on design of a new IP for Epic Epic Games / People Can Fly TBA

MMOG Projects

Project Developer Started Beta or Service Released Date Engine Build
Fury Auran Open Beta Testing – July 27, 2007
Launching – October 9, 2007
Huxley Webzen 1st Closed Beta Testing – November 13, 2007
2st Closed Beta Testing – December 13, 2007
3rd Closed Beta Testing – March 27, 2008 (Korea)
Build 3500~upgrading
A.P.B. (All Points Bulletin) Real Time Worlds TBA 2008
A4 (codename) AniPark TBA
Avatar Ubisoft TBA 2009
BK Project (codename) Devroot Studio TBA
Crimecraft Vogster Entertainment TBA
Sephiroth 2 Imagic Entertainment TBA
Project M (codename) Red Duck TBA
Project M (codename) NC Soft TBA
unannounced MMORPG Project NC Soft TBA
DC Comics/Universe Online (DC MMO) Sony Online Entertainment TBA
Sony Online Mercenary MMO (untitled) Sony Online Entertainment TBA
The Agency (Spy MMO) Sony Online Entertainment TBA
Free Realms (Whimsical MMO) Sony Online Entertainment TBA
EverQuest 3 Sony Online Entertainment TBA
Vanguard: Second Expansion Sony Online Entertainment TBA
Viking: Battle For Asgard Creative Assembly Q1 2008
Sony Online Fantasy MMO (untitled) Sony Online Entertainment TBA
Stargate Worlds Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment TBA
Global Agenda Hi-Rez Studios TBA
Mortal Online Star Vault TBA
unannounced MMORPG Project BlueNauts TBA
unannounced MMORPG Project CJ Entertainment TBA
unannounced MMORPG Project SK i-media TBA
unannounced MMORPG Project TQ Digital Entertainment TBA
unannounced MMORPG project Bethesda Softworks TBA
unannounced MMORPG project AcroGames TBA
unannounced MMORPG project Webzen TBA
unannounced MMORPG project Bluehole Studio TBA
unannounced MMORPG project Real Time Worlds TBA
unannounced MMORPG project Real Time Worlds Asia TBA
unannounced MMORPG project Outspark TBA
unannounced MMORPG project Ensony TBA
unannounced MMORPG project U.I. Pacific Games TBA
unannounced MMORPG project U.I. Pacific Games Korea TBA
unannounced MMORPG project 38 Studios TBA
unannounced MMORPG project T-Entertainment TBA
X Project WayPoint TBA
unannounced Mobile MMOG Project TechFaith TBA

Second Life Projects

Project Developer Started Beta or Service Released Date Engine Build
unannounced Second Life Project Real Time Worlds Asia TBA 2008
unannounced Second Life Project SK Communications TBA
unannounced Second Life Project Hyosung CTX TBA

MOG Projects

Project Developer Started Beta or Service Released Date Engine Build
A.V.A (Alliance of Valant Arms) Red Duck Closed Beta Testing – March 15, 2007
1st Pre-Open Beta Testing – May 31, 2007
Pre-Open Beta Testing – June 28, 2007
Open Beta Testing – July 3, 2007
Launching – October 23, 2007
Build 3563
MStar Nurien TBA 2008
Runway Nurien TBA 2008
QuizStar Nurien TBA 2008
unannounced Online FPS Project NC Soft TBA
unannounced Online TPS Project NC Soft TBA
unannounced Online FPS Project SK i-media TBA
unannounced Online Casual Game Project NC Soft TBA
Spicial Force 2 Dragonfly TBA

Released Projects

Project Developer Release Date Engine Build
Roboblitz Naked Sky Entertainment PC – November 6, 2006
Xbox 360 – December 6, 2006
Build 3376
Gears of War Xbox 360 – Epic Games
PC – Epic Games / People Can Fly
Xbox 360 – November 7, 2006
PC / Macintosh – November 6, 2007
Build 3376
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas Ubisoft Montreal Xbox 360 – November 20, 2006
PC – December 12, 2006
PSP – June 12, 2007
PlayStation 3 – June 26, 2007
Build 3378
Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia Artificial Studios / IMMERSION Software & Graphics June 12, 2007 Build 3380
Hour of Victory Midway June 25, 2007 Build 3383
Medal of Honor: Airborne Electronic Arts Los Angeles September 4, 2007 Build 3385
Stranglehold Tiger Hill Entertainment PC / Xbox 360 – September 5, 2007
PlayStation 3 – October 29, 2007
Build 3435
Fatal Inertia Koei Xbox 360 – September 11, 2007 Build 3436
Warmonger NetDevil October 16, 2007 Build 3456
BlackSite: Area 51 Midway November 12, 2007 Build 3458
Unreal Tournament 3 PC (Windows, Linux) / Macintosh / Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 – Epic Games PC (Windows, Lunix) / Macintosh – November 19, 2007
PlayStation 3 – December 10, 2007
Xbox 360 – TBA
Build 3487-3521
Mass Effect BioWare November 20, 2007 Build 3490
Undertow Chair Entertainment November 21, 2007 Build 3493
Black College Football: BCFX: The Xperience Nerjyzed Entertainment November 23, 2007 Build 3503
Lost Odyssey Mistwalker December 6, 2007 (Japan)
Febraury 2008 (North America)
Build 3506
Turok Propaganda Games Febraury 5, 2008 Build 3607
Frontlines: Fuel of War KAOS Febraury 25, 2008 Build 3616
Undertow: Path of the Elect Chair Entertainment March 5, 2008 Build 3700
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Ubisoft Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 – March 18, 2008
PC – April 15, 2008
Build 3706

Non-gaming Projects

Unreal Engine 3 Runtime Custom License is used in many non-gaming projects including construction simulations and designs, training simulations, driving simulations, education, virtual reality shopping malls, movie storyboards, continuities, pre-visuals, real-time CG animations, pre-rendered CG animations and so on.

As of March 2008, more than 200 companies had a non-gaming projects Unreal Engine 3 Licenses.

A Cases by

Licensees for Educations

  • The Jim Henson Company
  • University of Advancing Technology
  • Louisiana State University in Shreveport
  • Centennial College
  • Expression College for Digital Arts
  • Digital Media Arts College
  • The Art Institute of California

Licensees for CG Animations

  • Warner Bros
  • Frantic Films
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • HDFilms
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Columbia Pictures
  • TriStar Pictures

And a lot of companies the Unreal Engine 3 Licenses for thier many projects including educations, traning programs, simulation programs, virtual reality projects, CG animation projects and etc.

License Companies

Single License Companies

  • 2015
  • Perception
  • Tripwire Interactive

Multiple Licenses Companies

  • Acony
  • AcroGames
  • Activision
  • AniPark
  • Artificial Mind and Movement
  • Aspyr Studios
  • Atari
  • Artificial Studios
  • Auran
  • Avalon Style Entertainment
  • Bethesda Softworks
  • BioWare
  • Bluehole Studio
  • BlueNauts
  • Blue Omega
  • Buena Vista Games
  • Capcom
  • Chair Entertainment
  • Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment
  • CJ Entertainment
  • Codemasters
  • Creative Assembly
  • Cranky Pants Games
  • Destineer
  • Digital Image Studios
  • Demiurge Studios
  • Devroot Studio
  • Dragonfly
  • Eidos Interactive
  • Electronic Arts
  • Ensony
  • Faramix Enterprises
  • Foundation 9 Entertainment
  • Fuzzyeyes Studio
  • Gamecock Media Group
  • Gearbox Software
  • GlyphX
  • Groove Games
  • High Moon Studios
  • High Voltage Software
  • Hi-Rez Studios
  • HKS
  • Imagic Entertainment
  • inXile Entertainment
  • IR Gurus
  • 2K Australia
  • 2K Boston
  • 2K Games
  • 2K Marin
  • 9You
  • 38 Studios
  • Jowood Productions
  • KAOS
  • Koei
  • Konami
  • Kuju Entertainment
  • Liquid Entertainment
  • Lucky Chicken Games
  • Mad Dog
  • Magic Grids
  • Majesco Games
  • Microsoft Game Studios
  • Midway Games
  • Mind Control Software
  • Mistwalker
  • Namco Bandai Games
  • NASA
  • NC Soft
  • Nerjyzed Entertainment
  • NetDevil
  • NHN
  • Nikitova
  • Nurien
  • Obsidian Entertainment
  • Outspark
  • Propaganda Games
  • Pyro Studios
  • Queen's Soft
  • Radical Entertainment
  • Real Time Worlds
  • Real Time Worlds Asia
  • Recoil Games
  • Rocksteady Studios
  • Red Duck
  • Red Mile Entertainment
  • Star Vault
  • Sega
  • Softmax
  • SouthPeak Games
  • Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Sony Online Entertainment
  • Spark Unlimited
  • Spellborn International
  • Spicy Horse
  • Streamline Studios
  • Square Enix
  • SK i-media
  • Surreal Software
  • Swordfish Studios
  • Take Two Interactive
  • TechFaith
  • T-Entertainment
  • THQ
  • Tiger Hill Entertainment
  • Tigon Studios
  • TimeGate Studios
  • TQ Digital Entertainment
  • Tragnarion Studios
  • Trilogy Studios
  • Ubisoft
  • U.I. Pacific Games
  • U.I. Pacific Games Korea
  • Virtual Heroes
  • Virturos Games
  • Vision Studios
  • Vivendi Universal Games
  • Webzen
  • Wideload Games
  • Yager Development
  • Zero Point Software
  • Zombie Studios


  • Slicon Knights's Slicon Knights Engine is a modifed Unreal Engine 3. they sues Epic. but Epic counter sues Slicon Knights.
    • canadian developers (Digital Extremes and Slicon Knight) attacking the Epic. but Epic counter attacking they.
    • this Slicon Knights engine uses Slicon Knights's Too Human
    • this Slicon Knights engine uses Silicon Knights Prototyping New Thriller (collaboration with Digital Extremes)

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