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About the application[edit]

The Unreal Tournament 3 Tweaker (UT3T for short) has been designed by Brad G, a member of the Unreal community.

Unreal tournament 3 is renowned for being a highly customizable game by allowing the PC players to edit the vast selection of ini files which reside in the config directory. This however can be confusing to those which are not so confident with editing ini files, and with so many tweaks available to them it can be time consuming to find the line they are looking for, or to know what setting should be applied. UT3T provides the players with a user friendly Graphic user interface, allowing them to make a wide variety of changes to how the game operates at a click of a button.

It is freeware. the only terms the author has made, is that the application cannot be sold, nor can anyone charge for its download.

3,500 people are using Version 5 of UT3T

Changes UT3T will allow you to make[edit]

XBOX Controller Support[edit]

By using an XBOX controller either wirelessly or connected to a PC via USB, UT3T allows you to configure Unreal Tournament 3 to accept the usage of the controller, giving you a graphic user interface to setup the Key Bindings for it

Cache Convertor[edit]

When you connect to an online game of unreal tournament 3, any custom content the server is hosting is downloaded to a cache folder on your system, which in turn allows you to play the game. This content may include custom levels members of the community have designed, or mutators which alter the way the game behaves. The problem with this, is that if for example you play a map (level) you really enjoyed and would like to play it again, you cannot unless you can find a server hosting that map, or you can find it for download on the internet. Thats providing you can remember the map's name of course. The Cache convertor tool included in the UT3T converts the map files which resiode in your cache folder, thus allowing you to play them offline, or to even host them yourself.

Browse server for mutators[edit]

you can connect to the UT3T Server through the application and browse through the mutators listed on there. By selecting one a screenshot will be displayed, along with an information page. once ticked, you are given the option to download and automatically install. once installed it will appear in the uninstall list of the following tool.

Manual installation of maps and mutators from zip files[edit]

Maps and mutators available for the game can contain many files for each one. Mutators are more confusing to install, as each of the files have to placed in different folders, whereas map files only need to be placed in the \Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps folder.

UT3T allows you to download maps or mutators as zip files in to a folder belonging to the application, and to then simply click install. This will unzip the files, and then install them in to the correct directories. There is an option to delete the zip files automatically after installtion is complete.

Another feature this tool offers, is the ability to uninstall the maps and mutators. They are displayed in a list for each type and by selecting the ones you no longer want, they can be removed. This saves the burdensome task of visiting multiple directories to remove the files manually.

Custom crosshairs[edit]

The crosshairs of the weapons in the game can be hard to adjust to as they are quite large in size. Players of earlier versions of the game had greater control over the customizablity of the crosshairs which as of UT3 they were limited. UT3T allows you to set different crosshair styles for each of the weapons, and it also allows you to change the colour.

Screenshot Manager[edit]

With the screenshot manager you can easily browse through all of the screenshots you have taken ingame, and you are given the option to upload them to a file server so you can display them on forums and websites. You have the option to delete the ones what your not so keen on, and of course the option to save them to JPEG, oppose to the default BMP which the game takes.

Graphics Manager[edit]

There are many Graphics tweaks which can be applied, and to many, this can be the most confusing.

There are two preset buttons available which one turns the Graphics settings up to the highest possible displaying Detailed eye candy, whereas the second turns all of the eye candy off, thus giving those with lower spec systems smoother Gameplay.

Furthermore, all of the settings can be adjusted individually by the aid of simple tick boxes.

Unlock Body parts[edit]

UT3 like many games allows you to create your own character to use. by changing his or her muscular build, sex, and clothes. UT3T has a few factions. However if you wanted to use a body part from one faction, with a part from another you would not be able to. This tool allows you to mix and match body parts from different factions to create a truely unique character.

Other weapon configuration[edit]

Disable Bobbing. The effect you see when moving around the game, your weapon bobs up and down. By using this option the weapon will not bob as you run making it easier to aim.

Center your aim. By default UT3 does not Aim exactly where your crosshair is. it will be slightly to the right if you have it configured to hold your weapon as right handed, and the opposite if your holding it with your left hand. This tool will center your aim, so you actually hit where your crosshairs are positioned.

Movie removal[edit]

At the start of the game there are seven movies which play advertising different technologies which have been implemented in to the game. These can take some time to play through , and can prove irritating by having to skip through all of them. This tool allows you to remove them from the game, so when it is launched, you appear at the games menu. In addition, it grants you the ability to restore them if you so wish to do so.

Change the language of the game[edit]

UT3T will allow you to change the language of the game to either








This allows you to make backups of all of your ini files before you begin tweaking. This way if you do make a mistake theres no reason to worry. simply restore the file.


Development began in december 2007 when Brad G released a tool which would allow you to remove the videos from the start of the game. After realising there was interest from the community for software which would enable them to tweak the game, he began to add new features to the tool.

On Thursday, February 21, 2008 Version 5 of the UT3T was released, which is the current version.

Download Link[edit]

The file may be downloaded from filefront