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Note: this tutorial was written by Eliot.

Vertex Tutorial

You should read this tutorial only if you want to make other types of shapes by editing a default brush.

How we do this is with the Vertex Editing tool in UnrealEd you can find this tool left in your big bar "See icon Legacy_iconvt6zq.jpeg"

Lets Start Learn!

  • Step 1 Click the Vertex Editing Tool @inline@iconvt6zq.
  • Step 2 Choose a brush type. I use Cube as an Example but you can choose whatever you want it works with all of them.
  • Step 3 Go to TOP View and Zoom in to the brush so we can see the Verticles much better.
  • Step 4 Enable the button Show Large Verticles "See icon Legacy_showverticles5no.jpeg" u can find it at any View Window.


  • Step 5 Now you see the small Verticles are big now so again much better to see! and to select.
  • Step 6 Select one of the Verticles and hold down CTRL. Now move your mouse to the location where you want the Verticle to go while holding Left Mouse button.
  • Step 7 Now you are done learning how to use the Awesome Tool.

Now heres my example what i made while creating this tutorial


  • Note: If u want more Verticles on your brush then you should read a 2D Editor Tutorial. for example this one 2D_Shape_Editor_Menu