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I figured I might as well add a page here since I use UnrealWiki all the time.

Eventually I'll probably put some links up to code I've written or adapted and some tutorials / explanations that might help other people with a low/intermediate level of skill in UnrealScript. All code that I make available on the Wiki is free to use, but please provide credit (in some form, whether it is in the ReadMe or in script comments). If you use any code I have made available, feel free to send me an email @ wailofsuicide @, I'm always interested in checking out what other people are doing.

Check out my mod at

→Coding Projects:→


Configurable Weapon Lockers - Hopefully expanding into "configurable item factories" at some point to incorporate Weapon Factories, Armor and Health lockers.


HitscanSplash - U.07.15.07

EONS - Weapon & Vehicle Enhancement Project - I'll be posting updates to these with source as they are completed

UT2004 Weapons

EONSBioRifle - Status: Incomplete Functionality

EONSMineLayer - Status: Finished

EONSGrenadeLauncher - Status: Finished

EONSRipper (Based on the Fraghouse Ripper)- Status: Incomplete Functionality

EONSSniperRifle - Status: Graphical Tweaks

EONSLightningGun - Status: Graphical Tweaks

EONS Translocator

EONS Shepherd Rifle

EONS Assault Rifle - Status: Graphical Tweaks

EONS INV Rocket Launcher - Status: Finished

EONS INV Grenade Launcher - Status: Finished


EONS Manta

EONS Scorpion

EONS Hellbender

EONS Goliath

EONS Cyclops (Goliath Variant)

EONS Raptor

EONS Leviathan

EONS Paladin

EONS Crusader (Paladin Variant)


EONS Cicada

EONS Vulture

EONS Locust (based on the Locust vehicle by Gel)

EONS Battlebike (based on the Battlebike vehicles by Monarch)

EONS DragonFly

→Mapping Projects:→

More here later.

Useful Links: