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There are many types of warping. Some can take you vast distances across a map, or even a meter away, or to that secret "shield belt area" that you can't normally get too. These can be very useful ;).

Warping: The Giants Way (Zone Velocity)

The first Warper I will talk about is similar to the warper on CTF-HallOfGiants. In the center of the map there are to cylindrical tubes that "warp" you to the others flag in a few short seconds. This is done by using a ZoneInfo to pull you throught the tube and out its end. I will explain the most simplest form of creating this. (I hope This doesn't go under the copyright :( :S


Make four cubes of about 256 height and 512 length and width and subtract them a very long distance from each other. Then make four tubes and rotate them 90 degrees and adjust their dimmensions so that they'll fit snugly in to each cube. This in turn should connect al lthe cubes together so that in the 2D view it almost looks like the ouline of a big cube if you zoom out. Then take the sheet tool and change its dimmensions so that it will cover each ends of the tubes. Add zone portals to the ends of each tube.


Add ZoneInfos inside each of the 4 tubes that should be connecting all the cubes togther and are zoned. Set the Following Properties of the first ZoneInfo:

ZoneInfo -> WaterZone to true
ZoneInfo -> ZoneVelocity - switch the Y to something like 3000.

Then add lights and a playerstart in the cube nearest the tube of which the ZoneInfo you edited is in.


Then Build your map and play it. Once it loads, Step into the tube of which you edited the ZoneInfo and you should zoom to the oposite end of the tube and land in the cube that connects it. Notice, if it pushes you back, thne go back to you map under ZoneVelocity and add a - infront of the number you put in Y. Ex- 3000 pushed you back. -3000 should pull you in. If that isn't the case and it pushes you to the top or bottom or side, then you may have to change the velocity number. Ex- If Y - 3000 pushed you to the top, then X or Z - 3000 might pull you to the other end. Experiment Changing the velocity Letter, until you have a constant flow around all the cubes. Ex- You step into tube 1 and you come out tube 2. Step into Tube 3 Then You come out Tube 4 and then repeats itself. Don't even try and make it go both ways because I don't think thats possible.


Don't forget to add a few lights and maybe even change some textures. Once You've Made It Work, Play It. If it does what it should do, which is give you a fast way around the cubes, then pat yourslef on the back. You Made a kind of Warper!

→WarpZoneInfo →

Next Is The WarpZoneInfo. Instead Of Me Explaining This, I think It'll Be Better If We Link To Another Tutorial, Don't You ?

See WarpZoneInfo

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