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Weapon modeling deals strictly with modeling the objects that the player uses. It is also very different from the other types of modeling because when you create a object, you must create 3 different models of that object. Now I say object because weapon modelers sometimes create objects that players can use that aren't weapons.

Why do you have to create 3 different models? Because there's 3 different perspectives:

  • First Person – What you see through the players eyes.
    1. UScript Model Example
  • World Perspective – What you see floating around the world. (Pickup model)
  • Player Perspective – What you see on another player. (3rd person model)

Each of these models is usually different in that they are a different poly count. You don't want your world model to be of a very high poly count, because what if 10 people drop that model on the ground? Your computer has to render that model 10 times, where as the game only renders your own weapon once.

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